Spin-the-Bottle For Sweets and Pleasure

Spin-the-Bottle For Sweets and Pleasure 1

You probably haven’t played spin-the-bottle since you got married… what’s the point in spinning when there’s only one other person? Well, here’s a simple twist that’ll make dessert time even sweeter.

  1. Sit on the floor across from your spouse.
  2. Arrange a few treats in a circle with the two of you, as if they were people playing spin-the-bottle with you.
  3. Put a bottle in the middle of the circle and take turns spinning.
  4. When the bottle stops, put whatever it’s pointing to in your mouth. Savor your treat!
  5. Keep spinning until the treats are gone, or you get too distracted to continue.

There are a million ways you can vary the game.

  • Blindfold yourself before spinning… then open wide!
  • Feed the treat to your spouse, or eat it off your spouse’s body.
  • Write foreplay ideas on scraps of paper and add them to the circle — the spouse who spun has to perform. You can roll a die for the number of minutes.
  • Really, anything can be added to the circle: sex toys, a camera, a naughty poem, another sex game

Do you have any other ideas for treats? Leave a comment!

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  1. Hmmmm, sounds like a great way to enjoy an evening! Or a weekend filled with delicious expectancy.

    This game would go great as a special course for married couples: Something like : “How Best to engage your spouse with a naughty, mind-blowing weekend for two!”
    Its on the drawing board – actually MSWord.
    Jerry Stumpf recently posted…5 Free Little Known Sex tipsMy Profile

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