Naked Yoga

Naked Yoga 1

I love it when I can combine an ordinary activity into something sexy! A few months ago I decided to give yoga a try. It’s difficult for me to go to a class, but I was able to find lots of videos online — 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene is my favorite series. One weekend afternoon I wanted to spend time with El Fury, but also wanted to do my yoga video. Hmm, what to do? Bam! Naked yoga.

We have tried two variations on naked yoga. The first time we both got naked and did yoga together in our room, then had sex after. However, doing yoga doesn’t seem to be El Fury’s thing. The second time we tried it, I got naked and did yoga while El Fury played a game on his tablet and casually watched me. We were both aroused and had sex after. There is something very alluring about having your spouse watch you do something so intimate and vulnerable.

I like naked yoga because it feels like a form of play with your spouse. It’s important in a marriage to be able to play with one another. Play is one of the most basic human interactions, and sex can be a form of play too.
What other everyday activities can you add a sexy flavor to? Leave a comment if you have any ideas!

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  1. My wife is a yoga instructor and this sounds fabulous! I love watching her do yoga, in her class or by herself. Take away the clothes and it’s that much better! I sent her the link to this article. 😁

      1. I know, I know. I’ve brought it up before, but she is a bit bashful at times when it comes to her own body. She has NOTHING to be bashful about, and I do tell her that often.

  2. Please take no offense but, Yoga positions are offering positions to the hindu gods, so I dont think thats a thing christians should be doing.

    1. “Yoga positions are offering positions to the hindu gods”

      I’m not sure about that specifically, but I am aware that yoga began as a mystical practice. I’m sure some people still practice it that way. However, there’s nothing inherently idolatrous about a body position.

      Of course, if yoga hinders your worship of God or damages your faith then you should abstain. We tend to view such questions through the lens of 1 Corinthians 8.

      1. A lot of Christians who were doers and followers of yoga and various false spiritualities would highly recommend one to avoid it altogether. There are superb YouTube testimonies which are worth seeing, where they take that practice apart completely and show you how even contemplating it can be dangerous. And they would very much say that the positions when done intentionally are idolatrous – that’s why they were created – to worship not the true Creator, but other beings or created aspects of the universe. Satan is always attempting to combine his spirituality with his sexuality, and that unholy union was perfectly expressed in the Eastern religious traditions, from where it has since flooded into the whole world. Where many do not even know what they are doing, because sex + anything, in most people’s minds, is extra fun and something new to be done.

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