How to Pick the Best Mattress for Sex

How to Pick the Best Mattress for Sex 1

Sexy Corte and I are thinking about getting a new mattress, so I’ve been doing some internet research. Obviously we want to get a good night’s sleep, but since 90% of our sex is done in bed we want to make sure that a new mattress will meet that need too. Since mattress stores are apparently fronts for mafia money-laundering, we’re likely to buy something online sight-unseen, which makes up-front research especially important. The best website I’ve found so far is Sleep Like The Dead, and they’ve even got a page that rates mattresses for sex suitability!

How to Pick the Best Mattress for Sex 2

(You can visit the site for a description of all the rated qualities and details about each mattress type.)

This chart was a great starting point, but I immediately realized that we don’t care about “fluid, stain cleanup” or “allows fast climax”, because both factors can be easily mitigated by a mattress protector — which we use on all the beds in our house. “Allows discretion” isn’t important to us because our sex room is very private anyway. “Durable” is somewhat important, but I’m not sure I understand the ratings here — we’ve had an inner spring mattress for a long time, and haven’t experienced any durability problems. In order to take these preferences into account, I created a spreadsheet that adjusts the ratings based on custom weights for each quality. (The “weighting factor” on the right ranges from 0 to 2, with higher values indicating a greater importance to us.)

How to Pick the Best Mattress for Sex 3

The penultimate row shows the average raw rating for each mattress type without the weighting factor, and the final row includes the weighting factor. As you can see, the Latex and Hybrid mattress types are the highest-rated both with and without our personal weighting factor. Digging a little deeper:


  • Easier to move on
  • Bouncier
  • More durable


  • Better position variety — which here means “supportive from edge to edge, easy to move on, have adequate height, and keep pressure points minimized”.
  • Better “whole bed suitable”

Other pages on the site indicate that Latex and Hybrid mattresses are similar in price, but we’ll have to do some shopping around before we can take that into consideration.

So there you have it: we’ve narrowed our mattress search down to two types! We haven’t picked a product yet, but we’re a lot closer than we were.

What kind of mattress do you have? What factors do you care about for sex suitability? Anything you love or hate? Leave a comment!

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  1. About a month ago we bought a new mattress. It was a little awkward in the store, but once the salesman went back to his desk, we discreetly tested out the one we were interested in, seeing how it felt on our hands and knees, how it bounced, etc. All extremely important considerations!

  2. Old People chiming in here! Our last mattress replacement adventure landed us with a mattress combo that is perfect for an aging athlete but terrible for amiable encounters. We chose a very firm mattress with minimal “pillow-top” material and topped it with a high-tech gel mattress pad, so we ended up with a cooler (temperature-wise) version of the latex mattress. However, the softer mattress dissipates some of the force in all those interesting movements…we found ourselves working harder to achieve our goals – LOL! Made a much more noticeable difference for me, not so much for hubby. Definitely moving back to a firmer configuration.

    1. So was the mattress+pad just not bouncy enough? The problem was mostly with the pad, or also the mattress? Thank you for sharing your experience.

      1. Hmm…the mattress itself is fabulous for sex when we only use a sheepskin wool mattress pad. (But otherwise too firm and not so good for hubby’s hip and shoulder troubles.) The trouble with the three-inch gel topper seams to revolve around its marshmallow-y characteristics of absorbing energy. When you make a move to push against it, it yields instead of resisting. So you have to push harder to get the necessary effects. It’s similar to running along the beach: if you want to just run, then the firm, wet sand is the best choice. If you want a real workout, then run in the dry, soft sand further from the water. As for bouncy? People with bad knees don’t bounce – LOL!

        1. It takes getting older to truly appreciate the limitations the body imposes on sexual activities with age. No one can accurately explain it to someone who has no hip, neck, back, and knee issues. And those are just starter issues.

      2. Fiancé has temperpedic with a gel topper – I feel like I need a crane to roll over or get out of bed. Forget having extra curricular activities.

  3. I am an old man (63) but me an my fiancé are intimate 5+ times per week. Over the years I have had inner spring mattresses, sleep number, another air type bed, girl friend with a water bed, fiancé has a temperpedic, and I now have a 100% latex with an additional latex topper. IMHO. 100% natural latex is the best of all I have tried.

    1. I’ve never been on a latex bed before. It it latex all the way through? Or just the outer covering? I don’t quite get it.

  4. We have a hybrid mattress and it is great. Very quiet and supportive. Much better than a standard mattress.

  5. We got a Tuft &Needle online mattress in November, and its great. Bouncy, soft, and solid. Also, no questions asked 90 day free trial, so we had plenty of time to try it out!

    1. How deep is the mattress? Some are over 12 inches and require deeper than normal linens, and expense to be considered. The really deep ones can be difficult to find and expensive when you do.

  6. Comfort really becomes key as you get older. At times even the “usual” positions become stressful if carried out too long. No fair!

  7. We’ve had a Purple brand mattress for about 10 months. It’s great for sex. Bouncy, and won’t leave body impressions. So glad to be rid of our innerspring mattress and memory foam topper.

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