“I am so hot for my husband right now”

"I am so hot for my husband right now" 1

We get a lot of emails with questions and comments — which are great! — but nothing is more gratifying than hearing from readers who have experienced a positive change in their sex lives thanks to our blog. We believe it’s God’s will for every married couple to have amazing sex, and we’re thrilled to play even a small role in spreading that blessing.

This email from “FN” is so exciting! Who wouldn’t want a marriage like this?

Hello SC! I just wanted to write and thank you for your website. You have given me so much, I don’t know, liberty maybe? My husband and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary in September. We were each other’s first and only sex partners over all these years, but because of me our sex life wasn’t always good. My husband had every reason to go elsewhere (and I thank God daily that he didn’t). I changed over the years and sex got better but I was really thinking only about myself or “doing the deed” to keep him satisfied. There were things he wanted to do but I just didn’t know if they were acceptable for Christians. Some of these things I became okay with over time, but there were still others that I cringed at every time he suggested them.

A week ago after having sex where he just did not orgasm (and he does almost all the time) he asked me if I was having sex just to please him — did I really want it? Well, I did — we had found a really good position that had made me climax a couple of times and I really liked it, but his comment was like a slap in the face and I realized that I still wasn’t pleasing my man. I did a google search for what was acceptable in a Christian marriage and came across your website. I read, read, and read some more. That night we had the most amazing sex, and our attitude has lasted all week! We’ve been having sex two or three times every day! I think we’ve had more sex in the past week then we did in the last six months. Sad I know.

I am so hot for my husband right now, I only remember feeling this way a handful of times over the years. I have been obsessing about sex with him all week. We ordered new toys and sexy nighties, and I can’t wait for them to arrive. I have been spicing up every evening and we have been going to bed much earlier than normal. He is in heaven and wonders who I am, so I shared this site with him.

My children really need to hurry up and move out so I can meet him at the door in my birthday suit! (I do love my children but I’m ready for the empty nest/house so we can have sex anywhere!) Thank you again for your site. I wish I had read articles like yours 30 years ago, but I’m looking forward to the remaining years God gives us together.

If reading this email makes you sad or envious because your sex life isn’t everything it could be, don’t despair! God answers prayers, and he wants you to have a strong marriage and a great sex life with your spouse. Pray, confess any sin in your life that is hampering your marriage, communicate with your spouse, see a doctor if you need to… do whatever it takes to strengthen your marriage and invigorate your sex life! Let the email above be an encouragement to you.

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  1. This is ME! Sex in our marriage has always been amazing, but infrequent. Like really infrequent – somehow, we put raising our “soon to be pro” athlete children first and us on the back burner “until empty nesthood.” Well, we have our senior in high school now, and about 3 months ago, we had a frank conversation about sex – my husband pointed out that he shaved his manbits EIGHT MONTHS AGO before our 29th anniversary weekend and I failed to notice. He then invited me to shower to inspect his freshly shaven area. My first thought was “Who are you, and what have you done with my husband?” …but in a “don’t bring that guy back – I want this one!” voice:-) He was hoping he would look bigger for me, and that I would want him more. Well, the talk led to the shower, which led to the next thing – a penis ring, and before you knew it, I have become a raving maniac! I am trying to temper my drive, but we are EXACTLY THE SAME WAY – I shared that I found this site, he keeps buying toys and sexy lingerie, etc…. and we can HARDLY WAIT until we move our daughter in to college in August. I know it’s new, and it’s still a huge dopamine release, but I’m struggling with wanting him every minute of every day, and not knowing if he just isn’t there yet, if he has a plumbing issue (we suspect, to which the ring helps IMMENSELY,)n or if it is so new to him also that he has to get used to his new raving wife.
    One night when I got home from work, expecting to shower (our Friday night ritual for the past month) he wasn’t ready. I didn’t say anything, and then the next day we talked. He said he was worried I would think he was a sex maniac, and I confessed to the same thing. We have always had GREAT communication skills (for the most part) and so talking about this was easy. Now I have to figure out how to tell him I want him DAILY. TWICE, if possible!

    Thank you for your frank (#seewhatIdidthere) and open site – it has done WONDERS for this Godly Christian couple – I can’t read enough, share enough nor explore enough. I have to temper it with my anger for 20 wasted years, and realize that we were just focused on something different. If you have ANY suggestions on how to balance my newfound libido (I’m 51, he’s 58) I am ALL UP FOR IT! God bless both of you!

    1. What a great story, thanks for sharing!

      As for your final question, why would you want to “balance” your libido?? Enjoy it!

      1. By “balance” I mean against my hubby’s. I now tell him every night I want him. Sometimes he is tired, and I don’t want to bother him – again, this is new for both of us. He has a hotel stay planned for us on Saturday, and I was so ridiculously excited at the plans that I wanted him last night RIGHT THERE. He said he wanted to save up our desires so he could give me a “three hour orgasm” on Saturday night. I told him I’d take an hour each night;-)

        And let me tell you, he is not kidding about the “3-hour tour.” Since using the penis ring, and discovering its AMAZINGNESS, two weeks ago I literally had a 30 minute orgasm. I have no problem having an orgasm, and it’s his favorite thing to do to me, and I will even have 2-4 in a session (always have) but I didn’t even know such a thing was possible. At the end, when I finally realized it was over, we both literally laughed out loud because it was so ridiculously over-the-top (sexy.) I am pretty sure the waves lasted for a good 48 hours after that. Talk about being SPENT. PLEASE, please do a blog on rings. The mastercock triple ring was the first one he bought (he’s into “jewelry, now, as he calls it,”) and it will ABSOLUTELY improve stamina, orgasm, etc. My hubby says it feels different in every amazing way possible now from erection to ejaculation. Okay. I have to STOP! :-) If you are not using this regularly (has nothing to do with ability to get/maintain an erection, as we originally thought) you MUST by one for Sexy Corte and you. You will drive her to new heights she didn’t even know were possible!

        1. We’ve tried a rubbery kind of cock ring before, but it wasn’t very comfortable for me. I’ll check out the kind you mentioned. If the purpose isn’t to get/maintain an erection, then I’m not really clear on what it’s doing for you. Obviously it sounds like you’re having a great time (yay!) but I don’t quite get it yet :)

          1. It defs assists, but according to hubby, it has created a completely new sensation and has intensified orgasm. In addition, it rubs *exactly* in the right spot on the woman’s naughty bits, which led to the 30 minute orgasm (completely unplanned, and quite frankly, we didn’t even know could occur!) So really, it is functioning more as a “toy” than a “marital aid.” Trust us on this one…SC will thank you!

          2. Ok we’ll check it out! Can you double check the name of the one you’re using? I’m not finding it.

  2. Most excellent. Welcome to the Sex Amusement Park. You bought the tickets 30 years ago. It’s time to ride all the rides.

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