Podcast #018: Dialogue: Wife’s First Orgasm

Tips and tricks for helping the wife have her first orgasm. This episode is a dialogue between El Fury and Sexy Corte.

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All About Female Orgasms (Safe Diagrams): https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/physical-techniques/female-orgasms-safe-diagrams/

How To Help Your Wife Orgasm: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/mental-techniques/how-to-help-your-wife-orgasm/

How to Rub a Clitoris: Pulling Back the Curtain: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/physical-techniques/how-to-rub-a-clitoris-pulling-back-the-curtain/

I Can’t Have An Orgasm!: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/stories/i-cant-have-an-orgasm/

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