Podcast #017: Dialogue: Morning Sex

How and why to have sex first thing in the morning — why leave the best for last? This episode is a dialogue between El Fury and Sexy Corte.

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Set Your Alarm for Morning Sex: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/marriage-advice/set-your-alarm-for-morning-sex/

Have Sex Before Your Date Instead of After: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/marriage-advice/have-sex-before-your-date-instead-of-after/

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    1. Thanks for the feedback! We’re experimenting. The idea behind reading past posts is that it lets us re-use existing content *and* makes it more accessible for people who may prefer a podcast to reading a blog (which is a LOT of people).

  1. I agree that this was a fabulous podcast. Loved hearing from SC, and I hope she makes a return appearance.

    One big reason to do morning sex for some people–testosterone is highest in the morning, so most men will be better able to perform at that time of the day. This is important for older men and/or those suffering from ED.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We’ve already recorded more, but this was the first recording in which SC thought she sounded good enough to release to the public :) We’re planning to release more.

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