Podcast #012: The Bifecta – Combining Sex With Another Activity

Here are a few fun ideas for bifectas — combining sex with television, board games, and coffee.

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The Trifecta: Food, Television and Sex: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/stories/the-trifecta-food-television-and-sex/

Bifecta: Television and Casual Oral Sex: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/stories/bifecta-television-and-casual-oral-sex/

Bifecta: The Beast With Two Tablets: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/sex-games/bifecta-the-beast-with-two-tablets/

Bifecta: Café Fellatio: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/mental-techniques/bifecta-cafe-fellatio/

Thumb and Finger Zoom Technique: https://marriedchristiansex.com/blog/physical-techniques/thumb-and-finger-zoom-technique/

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  1. Thanks for the podcast. Don’t know if my wife would be up for this anytime soon, but I’ll keep it in the back of my mind as a future possibility.

    A few questions:
    1) Any recommendations on what kind of chair to get or where to get it from? I’ve seen several mentions of chairs in your past articles, but I don’t recall any suggestions on what to get. To support both of us, the chair will need to be able to support a bit over 400 lb.
    2) Have you tried real-time games instead of turn-based ones? My wife really enjoys online Boggle, which can be done with two smart phones (one hand and doesn’t interfere with visuals).
    3) Wondering if this would work well with Pokémon TCGO. The 6 prize cards per player could each net small intermediate rewards. When playing a friend, there are no time limits in the game, though we could add one manually if desired. Also, for us, there’d be an added naughtiness to it since one of us would be using our sons’ account…


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