Podcast #007: Pearl Necklaces and Finishing on Her Body

El Fury and Sexy Corte respond to questions from two readers about “pearl necklaces” and finishing on the wife’s body.

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  1. I do find it interesting how different marriage beds can be from one another!

    In other articles, you have described doing things that my wife and I have never considered, but in this podcast you say it was your first time finishing on her body after kids and years of marriage! My wife and I did this on our wedding night (and had done it plenty before getting married, regretfully).

    Because we did NFP and the timing of her cycle, we didn’t have intercourse for the first time until a week after our wedding day. Ouch, I know. And because of NFP with no condoms for the first several years plus being unavailable because of her period, we did this a lot. Never on her face (except a chin or cheek occasionally when I overshot), but usually her belly/breasts. We tried the back once and she didn’t like it.

    Overall, it’s amazing what one couple considers normal vs. what other couples thing.


    1. Yep, everyone is different.

      One element that we’ve found that can help encourage experimentation is to set the expectation that just because we try something once or twice doesn’t mean that we have to keep doing it. So, like with finishing on SC’s body, we tried it and it just didn’t “do it” for us. We might try it again sometime, or maybe not.

    2. I am still single, but I can understand how some sexual acts can seem commonplace to some that aren’t to others. In my 20s, I wasn’t really walking faithfully with the Lord and I was having sex with lots of women and even got involved with some swingers. I had sex in public quite often. I even had sex during a party in front of everyone and it wasn’t that kind of party haha. However, I’ve still never given a woman a facial or finished on their breasts (at least not to my recollection). Hopefully I’ll find a wife soon that I can enjoy those experiences with, but it’s all in the Lord’s timing.

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