What Do Wives Think of Swallowing Semen?

What Do Wives Think of Swallowing Semen? 1

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For several years that most popular post on our site has been “Yes, You Should Swallow”. It is the most-viewed individual post, and even though it’s old it still attracts a lot of comments. Since most readers probably don’t read comments to old posts, I thought I’d share a few of the best comments here on the front page (all from wives).

Bonnie from Love, Marriage and Sex left the first comment:

Thanks for the reference! Great post and nice to hear from the male perspective. Definitely agree that wives should try to learn to enjoy swallowing during oral sex.

Jen offers a tip:

I swallow and absolutely love it and would encourage those wives reading this who are leary of it to keep going. Yes, it took a while to get used to. But the intimacy it creates with my husband is beyond spectacular and it is something he loves doing seeing the expression on his face is indescribable. I got used to it by him finishing on my face and after a while I was able to taste it on my lips then I started letting him finish in my mouth. That is all… Jen

Michelle agrees with Jen’s approach:

Just to piggie back on Jen’s posting. Getting a facial from my husband is more of a benefit for both of us. I don’t really like the taste of semen and don’t like it in my mouth. My husband finds it quite a turn on when I let him finish on my face during oral sex. I usually am the one finishing him either with my mouth or with a hand job. My husband loves watching himself drip down my face and chin. I am ok with it and don’t have to take it in my mouth. Good for those couples who enjoy this…

Mia takes pleasure in giving pleasure:

Not sure about most women, but I sure enjoy swallowing! For me I feel like I am doing an incomplete job to my husband if I can’t finish him in my mouth! I am used to the taste, as it is something you need to get used to. If I don’t finish my husband during oral to me that is like having intercourse and not having my hubby finish… That pleases me the most is knowing I made him do that!

Nicole says swallowing is an acquired taste:

I absolutely love swallowing! My husband loves seeing his semen drip out of my mouth and drip down my chin. I must say though it is definitely an acquired taste and may be hard to get used to.

But not every wife likes the post…

Emma really doesn’t like semen:

I’ve attempted swallowing on several occasions. And ended up vomiting every single time. Thankfully we were in the shower each time.

Most women don’t find the taste enjoyable and only do it to please their husband. I find oral in general unbearable, and the thought of swallowing makes me physically ill.

Then again, I dislike sexual fluids in general and refuse to have sex without a condom.

This entire article is absurd in so many aspects that I don’t know where to start.

Ellie doesn’t seem to like sex much at all:

Yeah, not for me…
The five times I’ve chosen to suck my husbands semen depositor, I vomit, once all over him. Yes, I’ve ‘worked on’ my gag reflex to no avail, and the nausea tends to stick with me for hours afterwards. No swallowing or deep sucking for me!! It’s not a wifely duty…sex is not required of women. If a man can’t respect his wife saying ‘no’ then he has problems. Plus sex is ridiculous, ugly and gross, pregnancy is disgusting and children and creepy.

Here are a few others posts on the topic of swallowing:

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  1. The last one has a problem and I wonder WHY she got married. As for swallowing and hubby requesting the act, He should not expect it unless he is willing to clean up his deposit in his wife. If he can’t stomach that he shouldn’t expect her to swallow. I always wanted to do that,,,,, but always chickened out after I was satisfied. :-)

  2. the last two comments sounds like they have some personal issue that need to be solved so they can enjoy sex with their husbands

  3. Wow! Just wow! Isn’t this a normal thing wives do? Or just the opposite? I personally have taken my husband in my mouth since the night of our honeymoon… It never gets old! The spark still burns… I could not even imagine not doing this having my husband finish in my mouth! I love being on my knees with my mouth open as he finishes where he chooses and I absolutely love it! This is a normal thing for our marriage and I can also say we are both very active in our church leading discussion and in worship team together. If those others even knew…LOL

    1. Based on conversations I’ve witnessed and emails we receive, many wives do not and many husbands deeply wish they would.

    2. Smart lady !! Oral is the glue that seals your marriage ! My guess is that almost all women and men do oral and to me its so exciting ! We have also enjoyed oral and swallowing makes it much more personal. Sandy

  4. Well I guess the old posting becomes a new posting… Reading the blogs it sounds like facials may be as controversial and as common as swallowing or taking semen in the mouth for wives???

  5. Personally, I don’t have a problem with swallowing other than the taste. The first time I actually threw up and decided it is not for me.
    The next time was on accident and although I didn’t get sick, I still don’t like it (neither the taste or the feeling).
    Having said all this, my DH loves it. For that reason alone I continue to make the effort. He will make sure I know it’s coming and we will adjust at the last second (yep, sometimes I’m too late ☺️), but I know what it does for him and will continue to give him blow jobs often.

  6. I love doing this! We’ve had to tweak it into a hand job that ends in a blow job for him to finish this way—whether that’s due to his sensitivity or my technique, it’s what works for us. I tell him every time how much I love swallowing what he gives me. (He happens to enjoy my “flavor” as well.) We got married so long ago that I honestly didn’t even know beforehand that oral sex was a thing! So glad it is.

    1. There’s definitely a segment of women who not only give oral sex to please their husbands, but really love doing it. What is it that you most enjoy about giving oral?

      1. Honestly, my favorite part of it is him ejaculating in my mouth, knowing I can get him to goal this way—maybe because it has been difficult for us to find the right combination of moves to make it happen. I’ve read that there are a small percentage of men who cannot orgasm from oral and wondered if my husband was one of them or if I wasn’t doing it “right” but we figured out how to make it happen. Makes me shiver to think of it!

  7. Sex is required of wives not unmarried women but in marriage neither husband or wife is not to deprive one another from sexual activity

  8. I know this is an older post but my wife just told me the other day how much she enjoys giving me blow jobs and how much she loves to swallow all that I give her. We have incorporated oral sex into our lovemaking ever since we were married. She loves this and I am so happy that she does.

  9. Unfortunately, I made a couple of mistakes before I met my husband and had a bad experience with fellatio. My husband and I have been married for fifteen years and it’s taken me long time to get past some of my discomfort with performing oral on my husband. It used to be only once in a great while and never to completion. And cunnilingus never seemed to do much for me either even though I never experienced that until I was married. We’ve recently discovered your blog and somehow it doesn’t seem so…(I’m not sure what word I’m looking for here)… unpleasant? We’ve both incorporated more of it into our foreplay and it’s been very pleasurable for both of us. I feel very confident in saying that we will be “practicing” oral more often with each other. I’m still not sure about swallowing but…until recently I never went down on my husband without being asked. Your blog has provided me with a new perspective–a perspective that I know my husband appreciates. Thank you, EF and SC! I wish I’d found this site sooner!

    1. How exciting that you’re experiencing new joy in your marriage! Thanks for sharing — we love to hear from readers whose marriages have been edified by our writing.

  10. I’m a husband whose wife wouldn’t even consider putting my penis in her mouth. She’s great at hand jobs though particularly focusing on the frenulum.
    Feel free not to publish this if you don’t think it’s helpful but I just find the thought of finishing on her face really distasteful. And it seems to me that the majority of wives responding in the comments have learned to put up with their husbands finishing in their mouth rather than actively enjoying it. I can only see maybe 4 or 5 who say it really gives them pleasure (usually the pleasure is seeing how much their husband likes it).
    I know it’s not in line with what you’re trying to promote ie encouraging the wife to swallow but I do think there might be other husbands out there who feel like this.
    By the way, I do hold out some hope of oral sex one day. We just have some talking and playing to do in the mean time.

  11. I feel very fortunate to be able to take all that my husband can deliver into my mouth. Sometimes he asks for it 3 or 4 times a day. Once I allowed him to finish in my mouth after anal sex and it was such a confusing feeling because I didn’t enjoy the physical aspect of it but it was a great joy to see how it pleasured my hubby.

  12. I suck my husband’s penis very often. Probably an average of 9 times each week. It is by far his favorite sexual act, and I enjoy giving him this pleasure. I know he feels like a king when I get on my knees and the sheer joy I can see in his face also brings me joy.

    He ejaculates into my mouth and I swallow all of his semen, every single time. Before we were married I was very concerned with the taste of his semen as my sister and several female friends told me that semen has a truly revolting flavor. They claim to rarely swallow, and even to not allow their husbands to ejaculate into their mouths. While fearful of his flavor, I felt as if most men would be disappointed by a wife who won’t let him have his orgasm in her mouth, and I was determined to swallow. I know I shouldn’t feel like this, but I definitely feel superior to the wives who spit out, or avoid their husbands’ sperm, or the wives who will never suck or make their husbands beg for it. Why not? My blowjobs give my husband so much joy. Clearly refusing him would disappoint him.

    I knew he would prefer my mouth over my body. Before we were married I would wear a tight bodysuit and sit in his lap while we make out and he would pet me. I would eventually kneel before him and suck suggestively suck his fingers. This would drive him insane. The first time I did this, he wanted me to leave pretty quickly. I was afraid that he thought that I was a dirty girl. But he later told me that he just felt the overwhelming urge to masturbate! He made no bones about self pleasuring, while I was more coy about my own habits.

    On our wedding night, I was wearing some very tasteful lingerie when he took his pants off. I licked his penis a few times and gave him a few light sucks. He screamed, “Keep going!” But I insisted that our first sexual act be intercourse. It was rather awkward, uncomfortable, and very brief. I took his condom off, and I examined it to see how much semen he had ejaculated. I then estimated that I would later be swallowing about half of that amount.

    He insisted on staying awake until he could get another erection. He sat in the hotel room’s chair, while I knelt before him. Sucking his fingers was actually good practice for the real thing! When he starting ejaculating, I looked downward as a friend advised me to do this in case his load was objectionable he wouldn’t see me grimace. He enjoyed the sex, but was truly thrilled by the sucking. I thought this would be because he had no responsibility or pressure to perform during a blowjob, but his love of blowjobs has not subsided one iota in our 8 months of marriage. The first time he filled my mouth, I was truly mortified by the flavor. I swallowed like a champ, keeping my head down so he wouldn’t see the disgust on my face. Over the next month, I learned that if I keep his penis far back into my mouth, he will shoot his semen past my tastebuds and down my throat without me tasting it. I time my swallows to his spurts. I know some women who try to please their husbands by pretending that they absolutely love the taste of their semen. I think that my husband appreciates my frequent sucking and swallowing more because he knows I do not enjoy the taste of his sperm.

    Occasionally when I really want to thrill him, I will swirl his semen around my mouth before swallowing, or I will slowly spit it out onto his stomach and seductively lick it up like a kitty cat.

    I hope I don’t become one of those wives who eventually rarely give her husband a blowjob.

  13. This is a fascinating subject and I am glad someone has asked. For me, the first thing I think about is the smell, and how bad it will be. My husband’s balls have a very strong, musky smell to them unless he has just come out the shower, but even then I can smell them. Then while doing it, I usually try to hurry it along as much as possible keep an eye out on any of the signals he is sending me. Given that my nose is right up against his balls, the thoughts of the smell never really leave my head. I try not think of it too much, but it is tricky. As per swallowing, I have tried once  and it was disgusting. I usually let my husband finish in my mouth, but I spit it out onto his penis as soon as he is done. I guess in sum I tolerate it because I feel like I have to, but I absolutely hate it.

    1. You feel like you have to give your husband head. In a way, you kind of have to, and he has to lick you as well. Oral sex is pretty basic. Perhaps you should think of it as less “I am sucking my husband’s dick,” and more “I am giving my husband oral pleasure.” The act itself can be uncomfortable and monotonous, but I try to focus on the pleasure I am currently giving my husband as well as how our marriage bonds are greatly strengthened by how satisfied he is.

      As for the taste of semen, yes, I agree that the flavor is disgusting. I suggest reading articles on improving your technique. That will increase your husband’s pleasure which will make blowjobs more enjoyable for you. Also, his orgasms will be stronger which means he will blast his semen past your taste buds and swallowing will be much easier.

      It is good that you allow him to ejaculate into your mouth, many wives don’t even do that. I don’t understand why you spit his semen out onto his penis. I have found that keeping my husband’s penis far down my throat allows him to blast his sperm past my tastebuds. If I can swallow with a tight seal of my mouth around his penis, that greatly reduces how much sperm I taste. When I allow air in, like when I open my mouth to show him his semen, the full flavor comes out. Does your husband like it when you spit his semen onto his penis? That might be erotic and he might like the warm feeling of his semen. But it seems really messy, right?

      If you have him blast his sperm past your tastebuds and swallow, it will please your husband (which is the purpose of blowjobs), reduce the taste for you, and be much cleaner.

      1. Maria, how in the world would you suggest I “practice” something like you do? I’ve tried 2-3 time in our 20 years of marriage but I almost puke and once ran to the bathroom. My husband loves it and I want to please him but I don’t know how to “get it past my tastebuds” like you said. I really want to but I’m afraid to try again. How would I get coached on that technique? It’s my husband’s biggest desire and request that I try again. Please help!

        1. Kimberly, do you give your husband oral sex? If so, is it to completion? If so, does he ejaculate into your mouth and you spit his semen out, or do you not allow him to ejaculate into your mouth at all?

          You really aren’t giving me much information.

          From what I gather from other wives, men are either a blaster or a dribbler. My husband must be a blaster. If your husband is a dribbler, I don’t know what to tell you.

          When he is close to orgasm, I hold his penis fairly far back into my mouth and he blasts his semen past my taste buds and down my throat. I hardly taste anything. On the rare occasion when I will spit his semen out, I definitely get the full flavor, which I do not enjoy.

          How can you practice this? Hmmm, I guess you can buy a really small water pistol and put some koolaid or something in it. Or a turkey baster or something similar.

          Another idea is perhaps on a weekend day, have him have an orgasm at like 9am, and then another one at 3pm. Give him a handjob, or have him masturbate. If you’re feeling really generous, you can give him blowjobs which don’t end in your mouth. That evening, go out to a nice restaurant. Before going to bed, give him a blowjob and take his semen as I suggested. If its his third orgasm of the day, there shouldn’t be too much semen for you to deal with.

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