Tips for Vagina-to-Mouth Transitions During Sex

Tips for Vagina-to-Mouth Transitions During Sex 1

It really turns me on when Sexy Corte  goes down on me during or after we’ve been having vaginal sex — it’s even more intimate than standard oral sex. It’s not that the physical sensations are any different on their own, but it feels naughty and edgy — even a little dirty. (Of course, it’s just as safe and not-dirty as when I perform oral sex on her.)

Oral sex is great foreplay, but it doesn’t have to be sidelined when you start the main event! Here are a few reasons you should introduce vagina-to-mouth transitions into your sex life.

  • Variety. It’s fun to use more than one position per sexual encounter, and if you’re willing to go from her vagina to her mouth with his penis (and not just the other way around) then you’re multiplying your options.
  • Easier oral sex. Oral sex can be a lot of work and they generally don’t lead to an orgasm for the wife, but vagina-to-mouth sex can improve that. After the wife has climaxed, the husband can finish where he wants, and if he wants to ejaculate in her mouth it won’t be as much work because he’ll already be stimulated from intercourse.
  • Easier clean-up. If you’re having sex in a public place, clean-up can be easier if he ejaculates in her mouth.
  • Contraception: If you’re using a condom for birth control, ejaculating in the wife’s mouth could be a more satisfying conclusion than finishing in the condom.
  • Teasing and edging. Switching between forms of stimulation can prolong a sexual encounter and drive the receiver crazy. Either spouse can be the receiver of the teasing, it just depends on who is in control.
  • Natural lubrication. If you don’t have lube handy — or don’t want to use it — then saliva can serve the same purpose, either to get things started or to help out later. (Unflavored lubes don’t taste good, so if you’re doing vagina-to-mouth you probably won’t want to use them anyway. Of course, there are flavored lubes.)
  • Edgy and naughty. Maybe it just sounds hot because it’s a little outside your comfort zone! Incorporate some bondage, shibari, or even use vagina-to-mouth play as a sexual reward.

And everything above applies to a husband performing oral sex on his wife, too! There’s no reason he can’t pull out and go down on her.

So what do you think of it? Do you play with vagina-to-mouth sex?

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  1. I would love to do that but she wont let me do oral. She says my tong is wet and cold jyst like my breath. What to do? I suggested to drink a cup of hot tea while doing it….

    1. I’ve never heard of cold breath before, but yes, hot tea would be good. Avoid anything spicy (ouch) and anything with sugar (which could cause a yeast infection).

    1. I mean switching back and forth between vaginal sex and oral sex, where the husband’s penis goes from her vagina to her mouth.

  2. It took some convincing for my wife to let me go down on her after ejaculating in her vagina. She thought it was nasty. But, now she loves the second orgasm and our mutual creampie is delicious!

  3. My wife very rarely will let me go from her vagina to her mouth but I love and she lets me eat her after I was inside of her. I love devouring her cum in my mouth! She says she does not want to taste herself. Thanks for the blog!

    1. My wife is more willing to let me go from vagina to mouth if I usually quickly wash my penis usually with a shirt or wash rag. But yes as EL Corte pointed out there is more of a naughtiness to it!

  4. Very thankfully, my wife has no problem with any of this! She enjoys it all! Now in our 40s and been through other marriages, we’ve learned that there really shouldn’t be any boundaries between the two of us in our sex life. Our philosophy is that we’ll try anything at least once. And we’ve haven’t found anything yet that we wouldn’t do again! We enjoy the taste of each other and ourselves mixed together. It all adds to the intimacy that should be felt while thoroughly enjoying one another.

  5. When my wife gets turned on, going between her vagina and her mouth is fun for her, and yes, a little bit naughty too!

    Recently she has let me return the favor after I have an orgasm inside her. At first she was a little hesitant to do this, she didn’t believe that I would really be willing to do it. But now she has let me know that it turns her on. As if I couldn’t tell!

    We jokingly referred to the mix of her wetness and my cum as “sex soup” …. And she will even deep mouth kiss me afterwards! :-)

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