Three More Female Perspectives on Giving Oral Sex

Three More Female Perspectives on Giving Oral Sex 1

As long-time readers know, oral sex is one of the most frequent topics that we get asked about by both husbands and wives — specifically about a wife performing oral sex on her husband. Two of the most popular posts on the topic are “Yes, You Should Swallow” and “What Do Wives Think of Swallowing Semen?” In the spirit of that second link, we thought it would be worthwhile to share a few posts from Reddit that dig deeper into women’s thoughts on performing oral sex. Unlike most of our content these posts aren’t specific to the context of marriage, but we think they provide a valuable perspective that might be helpful to our readers.

First, “Enthusiasm is KEY – blowjobs (Female perspective)”. She makes a very good point: husband, if you want more oral sex, show more enthusiasm!

So I know how most of the connections made between enthusiasm and blowjobs are aimed at women. How do you give a good blowjob? Be enthusiastic. Want it. Etc. And that’s all very valid. But it’s important to remember that male enthusiasm makes a big difference too. [snip]

One day, I decided I’d try and make him come from a blowjob, on his birthday. I was still thinking as if a good blowjob had to be earned, or be on a special day or something. Crazy how much ideas can get into your head. So I looked up tips for good blowjobs and eventually found The Blowjob Manifesto. I studied for an afternoon and then proceeded to give him The Blowjob that changed my life.

He had an orgasm, and was flabbergasted. He told me he never came from blowjobs, especially not after having some alcohol. That I’d blown his mind and that it felt amazing. During the blowjob, he’d also been moaning and making light surprised noises. I felt my ego swell up like a balloon. I felt giddy. Happy. We snuggled and went to sleep. Some time (months) after that, I realised I actually wanted to blow him. That’s when I decided “f*** the rules” (that I’d been following without second thought, about earning them or special days), I’ll just give a blowjob when I want to give one. It’s not just his, it’s also mine.

I love blowjobs now.

Second, here’s the “Blowjob Manifesto” that was mentioned in the previous link. There’s a ton of direct, practical advice here, including encouragement near the end to ask for feedback.

While reading the “What’s your #1 sex tip for the opposite sex” post, I saw a lot of guys begging women to incorporate what I believed to be basic beej technique into their blowjob routines. In response, I have created a guide to giving good head. Hopefully, my years of…extensive field research…will benefit you in some small way. [snip to the end]

A lot of people are afraid to ask for feedback at all, let alone mid-beej. But there are tons of sexy ways to get him to tell you what he likes! Ask, “Oh, you like that baby?” when trying something new. Say, “Does it feel better when I go like this…or like this?” with a coy smile on your face. Want to be dirty? Be specific, “Do you like it when I [do this move] to your cock baby?”. Also, guys just love hearing the word “cock” in general.

Third, “Giving Oral as Both a Kink and a Comfort”.

So I have a very prominent oral fixation. When I’m attracted to a man, I find extreme pleasure in giving him a blowjob/making out for hours. I could (and have) cum untouched just from how aroused I get by sucking him or kissing him. I don’t know what it is about the idea of how excited he gets, or the feel of him swelling, or just the submission of it, but I’ve often cum in sync. And when I don’t have anyone I’m sexually into, I absentmindedly chew or suck on things. I’m always snacking, drinking, sucking, chewing on my fingers, etc.

But the weird part is it’s not just a fetish for me, but like, a comfort? does anyone else experience that? I find the act of giving a blowjob soothing as well as stimulating, and I could probably easily fall asleep like that.

If any of our female readers would like to add their perspective to the discussion, please leave a comment below.

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  1. This site is MARRIED Christian Sex…if these people are sharing oral sex with each other and sharing with others it is NOT beneficial…especially those Christians and is not what GOD intended. Reddit is not a Christian site. I do enjoy reading the blogs on this site specific to married man and wife.

    1. Thanks for sharing your perspective. Our thinking is that when it comes to physical techniques, we can learn to apply knowledge from a variety of sources.

      1. I’m with El Fury and Sexy Corte. I don’t think that sharing techniques and feelings relating to sexual acts endorses the situations in which the acts were performed, especially not when they made a conscious effort to edit out the segments of the posts that mention promiscuity.

    2. I tend to agree here. As some of the stuff on these questionable sites can rub off on you if you are not careful. I know it is a personal matter but that is how I feel.

  2. Good info. Would you mind censoring the cursing though, please? I get it’s a quote but I don’t think it belongs here.

  3. Married 30 years and wife refuses to give or get oral sex. I would love to do both!

    Any ideas on how to get my wife to enjoy giving or getting oral sex?

    1. You can’t ‘get’ her to do anything if she doesn’t want to. She doesn’t want to try, never has, so there’s your answer. A resounding NO!

  4. Interesting blog with reader comments and links on this site… I am a wife of ten years, I sing in the choir, lead worship study and am a prayer leader. I am going to keep my name anonimous but after coming across your blog I will tell you that I absolutely love oral sex with my husband. Imagine 2 hours before I was on stage singing this past Sunday “Worship the King” and “I Can Only Imagine” I was enjoying what Jen, Michelle and Mia were describing in their comments on the posted attached link. It was a great SUNDAY!

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