The Eternal Quest for Naked Sleep

The Eternal Quest for Naked Sleep 1

I love it when we sleep naked but Sexy Corte isn’t too keen on the idea right now. There are several reasons why she is reluctant to sleep naked, and yet I can’t help but pursue it. (Sexy Corte and I just talked about it this morning, and this post isn’t a passive aggressive note to her!)

First off, a quick recap of previous post about sleeping naked:

  • The benefits of sleeping naked and waking up early: improved relationship, improved vaginal health, reduced stress and anxiety, look younger, lose weight, improved self-esteem, better sleep.
  • Tips for wives on staying warm in the winter while still sleeping mostly naked: thigh-high socks! Women also tend to have an easier time reaching orgasm when their feet are warm.
  • Sexy Corte herself writes that sleeping naked is very sexy. “Not only does your skin feel amazing right up against your spouse’s, but feeling nice and silky sheets as you sleep is an added bonus. If your spouse is always wanting sex in the morning, but you have a hard time rousing yourself for it, sleeping naked is an excellent way to get yourself in the mood. Those last lucid dreams can turn very erotic, especially if you are naked snuggling. You are sure to wake up with a voracious sexual appetite!”
  • Commenter Bald Buy Mike offered a great suggestion a few months ago: “In the next couple of days we will be buying a heating pad for our bed. This goes on like the fitted sheet, but it’s padded and heated! I never knew these existed until a few days ago! All problems solved.”

We bought a heating pad and Sexy Corte loves it. We bought her thigh-high socks which she doesn’t love, but she does like to wear leg warmers which are pretty similar. I think she’s warm enough at night to sleep naked, but she still doesn’t like to for a few reasons that we haven’t solved yet.

  • Kids. Our darn kids still wake us up at least once a week in the middle of the night, and it’s a hassle to get dressed to take care of them. Sexy Corte has a robe she could throw on when it’s her turn to handle them, but the robe isn’t hanging right by her side of the bed. Maybe I could install a hook nearby?
  • Handsy husband. When Sexy Corte sleeps naked I tend to get a little handsy and it makes it hard for her to fall asleep. I know… I try not to… but she’s so sexy! It’s even in her name. I blame her, for being so hard to resist. I need more self control.
  • Sex fluids. We most frequently have sex in the evening, which makes it hard for Sexy Corte to avoid panties and a pantyliner because she’s leaking semen. We like having sex in the morning, but on school days it’s tough. I’m not sure how to solve this one.

Do you and your spouse frequently sleep naked? Do you have any obstacles? Do you have any suggestions for how we can overcome ours?

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  1. My super wife cannot stand to sleep with a night gown or shirt. They get in the darn way as she says. She loves sleeping naked and so do I. Now that our children are in the teens they come dont come in. Regarding the heating pad, its like getting into a warm bath and snuggling is great. He I know what you mean by trying to keep your hands off…she loves the tender moments but in the middle of the night hands off. So my BIG advise is to SLEEP Naked!

  2. We are approaching 28 years of marriage and I don’t think we have ever slept with any clothing at all when we were home. Shared sleeping experiences while traveling would be the only rare exception to our naked norm.

    An electric blanket is a must for keeping warm in the winter. A warm shower together every night before going to bed helps too so we don’t have cold feet or other parts climbing into bed. That shower time is not always about sex. It is just an efficient use of water and our time. When we had young kids at home it was a great time to be alone to talk.

    A lock on the bedroom door keeps the kids out long enough to put on a nearby robe. We started early teaching the kids that our bedroom was our space so they were rarely in our bedroom even during the daylight. Even when they were very young we took them back to their room to put them back to sleep. It didn’t take much training until they quit waking us up.

    We have the same issue with the touching. But since I am thankful to at least see her naked that I practice self control and keep my hands off her so she can sleep.

    As for leaking fluids, she will go to the bathroom after sex and kegel out most of the excess fluids so she won’t leak when she comes back to bed naked for the night.

    We are happily enjoying our 27 years and counting of naked sleep together.

    1. Very cool, thanks for sharing. Door locks are essential, and I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only husband who has difficulty with self-control!

  3. My wife and I have practiced naked sleep for 18 years and I for 66 years. It is a very healthy way to sleep, I encourage those that have never practiced sleeping nude I highly recommend trying it for one month.

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