Ten Types of Female Orgasms???

Ten Types of Female Orgasms??? 1

The female body is pretty amazing, but can women really have ten kinds of orgasms? Sexy Corte and I will tackle this topic together.

(Note: This post will refer to the diagrams in our earlier post, All About Female Orgasms (Safe Diagrams) which covers some of the orgasm types described below.)

1. Clitoral orgasms.

El Fury: Obviously yes, despite the fact that some men don’t seem to know how to rub a clitoris. (diagram)

Sexy Corte: I’m amazed at how tiny a clitoris is, and how it can make me feel such big things. Clitoral stimulation is how I orgasm. That’s it. Other techniques listed below can heighten that experience, but without focused stimulation on my clitoris, it doesn’t go anywhere. It can take 20-30 minutes of focus to get to orgasm, and sometimes even longer. Husbands, my best advice to make your wife love sex is to learn to navigate her clitoris. Use your hand or a vibrator, you will know when you are on the right track. Human females are the only females that can orgasm. What a gift from God!

2. Vaginal orgasms.

For many of us, this type of orgasm remains elusive. That’s because most women (50-75 percent) can’t orgasm from vaginal penetration alone.

… another researcher found that part of the vagina (where the G-spot zone is located) is inextricably linked with the internal parts of the clitoris. Thus, “vaginal” orgasms could actually be clitoral orgasms by another name.

El Fury: This is the idealized kind of orgasm that you see depicted in movie love scenes. They’re real, and some women can have them easily, but most women benefit from clitoral stimulation.

Sexy Corte: I am one of the majority that cannot orgasm this way. However, my favorite way to orgasm is with vaginal sex combined with EF using a vibrator on my clitoris. Never gets old.

3. G-spot orgasms.

The G-spot is an orgasmic erogenous zone on the front wall of the vagina and is made up of the urethral sponge and Female Erectile Network. It swells upon arousal, and G-spot orgasms are said to be more intense, longer-lasting, and more full-bodied than clitoral orgasms.

Hitting the G-spot can also result in female ejaculation or “squirting.”

El Fury: The G-spot combined with internal parts of the clitoris probably lead to what people call “vaginal orgasms”, discussed above. Curling two fingers in a “come here” motion inside the vagina is the easiest way to manually stimulate the G-spot (diagram).

Sexy Corte: When EF has tried to stimulate this area it hasn’t done much for me, but I’m open to keep trying.

4. Cervical orgasms.

Many women don’t even know this type of orgasm is possible. The cervix itself, lies at the very back of the vagina, past the G-spot. It’s the entrance to a woman’s uterus and protrudes into the vagina like a rounded button resembling the head of a penis.

Cervical orgasms have been described as deeper, full-bodied, expanded orgasms, like an ecstatic tingling experience or “a shower of stars.”

While clitoral orgasms have a quick peak and release, G-spot and cervical orgasm come in waves of bliss, with a pleasurable sensation that can last for hours. Some women say that cervical orgasms are almost “spiritual” in nature.

El Fury: The whole area around the cervix seems to be sensitive to stimulation. In addition to the cervix itself, the anterior fornix (diagram) and posterior fornix (diagram) can be stimulated for orgasms.

Sexy Corte: Hmm, this sounds like a necessary experience. Let’s try to achieve this soon!

5. U-spot orgasms.

This tiny orgasmic spot is just above your urethral opening but is often neglected, poor thing. The U-spot is a highly sensitive erogenous zone that can create strong orgasms and also takes part in female ejaculation.

It is located in the vulva, just above the vagina and below the clitoris, surrounding the urethra opening (above and to either side) like an upside-down “U.” It is a highly-sensitive bundle of nerves, as well as erectile tissue that can feel extremely erotic when stimulated.

El Fury: This seems likely to be another extension of the clitoris.

Sexy Corte: This whole area is sensitive, and stimulation here is required for me to orgasm. Keeping stimulation focused here during sex makes the experience amazing.

6. Anal orgasms.

This type of orgasm is on people’s bucket list more and more. Why? The anus opening and anal canal are distinct erogenous zones on their own, rich in nerve endings and super-sensitive to stimulation and penetration.

The “rosebud,” or anal opening enjoys soft sensual massage with lots of lubricant. The anus itself should be penetrated very slowly, based on the receiver’s preference.

Stimulation of the anus, perineum, and rectum can engage the pelvic and pudendal nerves, which are implicated in the orgasmic response.

El Fury: Well, we’re working on this intermittently. Anal stimulation seems to be most pleasurable when combined with clitoral stimulation.

Sexy Corte: It is arousing when EF plays around in that area. Actual penetration is currently more distracting than arousing. If he is playing around there it can make my orgasm more intense.

7. Throat-gasms.

This type of orgasm is a bit strange, I’ll admit. But reportedly, women can experience an oral or throat orgasm during oral sex on a penis, particularly when they are deep-throating while giving a blow job (a dildo also works).

The throat is connected to the vagus nerve, cervix, and uterus, according to orgasm researchers Beverly Whipple and Barry Komisaruk, which can trigger orgasms.

That’s why moaning and making lots of sounds during sex or solo pleasure is a good thing. It increases your orgasmic potential and helps to move the orgasmic energy throughout the body.

Full-body orgasms? Yes, please!

And, get this: The mouth and throat are highly-sensitive erogenous zones that contain more nerve endings than the vagina.

El Fury: I’ve written several times about how awesome it is for Sexy Corte to have an orgasm while performing oral sex on me. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. I suppose the world would be a better place if semen tasted like chocolate and women could have orgasms from deep-throating, but this seems incredibly far-fetched to me.

On the other hand, I completely agree that audible sexual responsiveness really improves sex. Talking, moaning, yelling, and crying out during sex will definitely intensify the experience.

Sexy Corte: I do orgasm while giving EF oral, but that is the direct cause of him stimulating my clitoris at the same time. I definitely agree that a good moan gets me going. I respond in an auditory way, which is helpful for EF to know if he is on the right track. If all of the kids are out of the house it’s really fun to let loose!

8. Nipplegasms.

This type of orgasm is luscious and sensual. A nipplegasm is an orgasm that results from nipple stimulation. Approximately 29 percent of women have said they experience these types of orgasms.

Studies done with brain imaging (fMRI) machines now prove that the same part of the brain, known as the “genital sensory cortex,” lights up when the nipples are stimulated, the exact same area that lights up when the clitoris and vagina are stimulated.

So, the nipples and breasts like the genitals can be highly orgasmic.

Sucking on the nipples releases the “love hormone” oxytocin, which is responsible for producing contractions in the uterus, and can produce orgasms. It is also the feel-good-after-sex hormone that makes you all dreamy and lovey-dovey.

El Fury: Breasts and nipples are great, and stimulating them can certainly lead to arousal. But orgasm?

Sexy Corte: My nipple sensitivity emerged after breast-feeding our first child. That event awakened something and made me feel arousal when EF would touch my breasts. It heightens arousal but I have never had an orgasm from nipple play.

9. Body-gasms.

These types of orgasm can seem mythical, until you actually experience them.

Expanded or full-body orgasms are those that are not localized to just the genital region, but can spread all over the body. This can happen when multiple erogenous zones are stimulated simultaneously, such as a combination orgasm with the clitoris and G-spot.

These type of orgasms can lead to multiple orgasms, and “super orgasms” (continuous or long-lasting orgasms). Energy orgasms can also spread through the entire body, as well.

El Fury: I love giving Sexy Corte powerful orgasms and multiple orgasms, and those two things often go together. Even though they take work on both our parts to accomplish, they’re well worth it.

Sexy Corte: I have never experienced this, but I have had orgasms that I have felt in other areas of my body. For example, I’ve had an orgasm that produced such a strong emotion that I cried. Orgasms do impact my body in a way that I shake after for a while. They feel super, but I’m not sure I’ve experienced the super orgasm.

10. Mindgasms.

This type of orgasm seems a bit “out there,” as in out-of-body experience. Mindgasms, also called breath and energy orgasms, are a type of full-body orgasm that may begin in the genitals, but then the raw sexual energy is channeled up the chakras and throughout the body.

Both men and women can experience full-body, breath, and energy orgasms, and it requires no direct stimulation of the genitals. Yes, that means hands-free. It can be a sexual experience, a very spiritual and enlightening experience, or both.

This type of amazing orgasm has been described as feeling like waves of ecstatic, electric energy coursing through your entire body and making you tingle all over. They can last much longer than ordinary orgasms, even hours, with the after-glow effects lasting even days.

El Fury: I’ve heard of this, but never experienced it. Our bodies can do strange and incredible things, and using breathing techniques to induce altered mental states via hypoxia is an age-old practice. But hands-free, no-touch orgasms? I’m guess skeptical.

Sexy Corte: I think this would be really fun to try, although I am skeptical we could achieve orgasm this way. It sounds sexy to sit with your spouse, not touch each other, but guide each other to arousal only through communication without touch. Then move on to touching!

We’d be really curious to hear from our female readers: how many of these orgasms have you had? What’s next on your bucket list? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Fun note about cervical orgasms: they run up the vagus nerve instead of the spinal cord, so women with spinal-cord paralysis can still have cervical orgasms!

    Reference (I realize this may be an unsafe link, so feel free to delete): https://www.kinkly.com/seven-sexy-facts-to-help-you-reach-cervical-climax/2/17428

    The #3 at that link says the following:
    The Cervix Connects Directly to the Brain via the Vagus Nerve
    The Vagus nerve is getting a lot of attention in recent years, and it plays an important role in health and wellbeing. Scientists are discovering that stimulating the Vagus nerve may contribute to healthy digestion, blood pressure and heart rate.
    The Vagus nerve plays a role in our breathing, therefore mindful activities like deep breathing or meditation can improve its functioning. There’s also one super powerful way to activate the Vagus nerve, and that’s by stimulating it at it’s root: the cervix!
    Clitoral orgasms occur when nerves send impulses along the spinal cord into the brain. However, one research study found that women with spinal cord paralysis could still orgasm via the cervix. These powerful orgasmic impulses go direct to the brain via the Vagus nerve, which may explain their intensity.”


      1. We haven’t played down there enough to know for sure. As I’ve posted here before, O for my wife is quite difficult and took us over 12 yr to get in our marriage. With the vibe, it’s nearly 96-97% likely now, with most of that being PIV+vibe. When doing that, she often gets blended O’s from the clit plus either a shallow or deep spot internally, and on special occasion all three at once. However, we have not identified what each of those two internal spots represent.

        Interestingly enough, when fingering her, for my “go to” spot I don’t think I’m hitting EITHER of those two PIV-activated spots and instead am off in a third location that doesn’t seem to correspond to any “typical spot”. I actually think I’m directly stimulating one of the “wings” of the clit from the back/internal side with that motion. Even more interesting is that her cervix “came down” to play one time as she got really aroused and my finger was rubbing lightly against it while I was fingering the “go to” spot, and that seemed to help trigger the final ascent to O. Probably the closest we’ve been to any cervical stimulation unless it’s happening during PIV+vibe and we haven’t identified it yet.


          1. Most definitely not. She requires not just clitoral stimulation, but actually a vibe on her clitoris, controlled by her. Relatively quite a bit of stimulation.

            However, she is “wired” to get lots of pleasurable internal stimulation, and the internal stimulation is really helpful when coupled to with the clitoral vibe. In fact, I’d say they work together, making the combination more pleasurable than the sum of their parts. The result is usually a blended O that ranges from nearly 100% clitoral to as far as 70/30 internal/clitoral (by her best guess). Her favorites are those that are close to 50/50. She has no reference for a 100% internal O, but she’s definitely had 100% clitoral O’s when there has been no penetration/internal action, so I think her numbers are probably reasonably accurate.

            Another interesting thing is that I once replaced my fingers with an internal vibe (that I controlled) while she controlled the clitoral vibe. She said she liked my fingers more. That’s certainly NOT true on the clitoris.


  2. While my wife has only had a full orgasm of the #1 (clitoral) variety (and possibly #9) some of the other types of stimulation listed here definitely contribute depending on her emotional state and where she is on her cycle.

    #2/#3 (Vaginal/G-spot):

    The only way my wife gets close to orgasm from PIV is sustained hard and fast thrusting in rear entry. Unfortunately I don’t quite have the stamina to get her there. Still it is very pleasureable for her if I’m inside her when she Os clitorally.

    #8 (Nipple):

    This is somewhat cycle dependent. Most of the time stimulating her nipples while also stimulating the clitoris leads to a quicker and more pleasurable orgasm. At other times her nipples are too sensitive and it isn’t that pleasurable for her.

    #9 (Whole Body):

    I think my wife has these types of orgasms when I am simultaneously stimulating the clitoris and either the nipples or PIV. Very enjoyable.

    #10 (Mind):

    Whoever said the brain is the biggest sex organ wasn’t wrong. Talking about her body and how beautiful she is and how sex with her makes me feel arouses her and can sometimes push her over the finish line.

      1. I would say that it’s the strength of the O and how much of the body is affected. A “Wholebody” O is an almost complete loss of control due to the enormity of the sensations along with more body movement and vocalizations.

        It can come from stimulating multiple EGs but also from just the clitoris if the stimulation is right.

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