Sequential Orgasms, Multiple Orgasms

Sequential Orgasms, Multiple Orgasms 1

On Saturday and Sunday mornings my wife Sexy Corte will go for two orgasms about 25% of the time, and I love giving them to her. We’ve written before about Leveling-Up Your Sex Life and doing whatever it takes to give your wife as many orgasms as she wants, and in our experience giving Sexy Corte multiple orgasms when she wants to work for them is very rewarding and intimate.

So now we’re going to travel back in time all the way to 2008 — to the best of my knowledge, female orgasms haven’t changed much since then. A writer named PeppermintGirl wrote two posts about multiple orgasms at the Christian Nymphos blog that we thought some of our readers might find useful. First she writes about sequential orgasms.

Having multiple orgasms is a learned response.  If you are going to teach yourself first, a bullet or vibe may work better then your fingers.  Get nice and comfortable.  Think of how you can bring yourself to orgasm without over stimulating your clitoris.  In the past an ultra sensitive clitoris has been what has held me back from going for more but with time and retraining of my brain I have learned to get past it.  If your husband is a willing participant then having him performing oral or using a toy on you first would be ideal. […]  Once you do have that first orgasm bask in the afterglow for a minute and slowly begin exploring again.  You want to keep that clitoris engorged so don’t bask too long!!! 

This second orgasm will take longer to achieve because your body is not use to going for more.  You may be sensitive when you first start again but keep working through it just be gentle.  After that ultra sensitive time period has passed you can begin using more pressure to bring that second O on.  […]  After your second orgasm make note of how long it took you.  We are trying to get them as close together as possible.  The more you try to achieve multiple o’s the easier it will become.  Just like so many other things, practice makes perfect!

In the second post she writes about bunches of o’s.

These types of orgasms usually come from a little luck and a lot of hard work.  First my body had to learn how to shorten my refractory time to nothing.  You read that correctly, women have a refractory time too.  I talked about how to do this in “Multiple Orgasms; Part One”.  Once you master sequential orgasms then your body may start having these “bunches of  o’s”.

Bunches of O’s:  This type of orgasm comes one after the other in a continuous string until you decide to stop.   They are much less common then the sequential o’s but they are possible.  You just need to work at shortening the time between your sequential o’s and with some persistence these “Bunches of O’s” can be achieved.  Instead of basking in the glow like we discussed in part one of this series you keep the stimulation going constantly. The last time I had one of these my poor husband thought he was going to have to perform CPR.  Do I have this type of contraction every time I have an orgasm?  No, but when they happen it is a nice surprise.

There are two obstacles to Sexy Corte having limitless orgasms:

  • Sensitive clitoris. Strong stimulation after an orgasm feels unpleasant or painful, so we have to back off.
  • It’s hard work. It isn’t easy to have tons of orgasms in a row, and most of the time Sexy Corte doesn’t think it’s worth the effort.

Like PeppermintGirl wrote, having an orgasm is a physical skill that you can improve with practice and effort. The practice can be pretty fun, but the effort is real. Whether you’re trying for multiple, sequential, “bunches”, or just easier orgasms, you can move towards your goal if you put in the work. But… don’t be so goal-oriented that you miss out on intimacy with your spouse!

We haven’t experienced a continuous stream of orgasms yet, but there was one night early in our marriage when I gave Sexy Corte seven sequential orgasms in one session. Maybe someday we’ll have energy for that again!

Do you have any tips or tricks for multiple orgasms? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Erm, no I don’t think so. I’m not absolutely sure my beloved has had a full mind blowing orgasm. However, earlier in our marriage she would have one or two contractions while I played with her pussy with my fingers and / or lips. Then she would want me to leave her alone and she would just keep having two or three more, perhaps more than that. I don’t remember. The idea of having to work for orgasms is clearly true and I think if we’d realised that at the time we could have gone for something a bit stronger. Maybe one day but thanks for the advice.

    1. This happened again a month ago. I’m now 58, she’s 65. At one point she said “I think you just hot the jackpot”.
      For some reason she hasn’t asked for it again and I’m reluctant to push it…

  2. My wife has experienced both sequential O’s and continuous O’s. Hasn’t happened as much lately as a medication she is on makes orgasm harder.

    Our observation is that continuous O’s for her are a product of using her vibrator. I think she has had at least 5 or 6 O’s back to back at one point.

    These O’s are weaker though than when I am manually stimulating her. I think it is because the vibrator warms her up so fast her body doesn’t have time to “build” to a large climax. On the other hand it seems her clitoris is much less sensitive which allows for immediate further stimulation.

    For sequential O’s she needs a cool off period due to clitoral sensitivity. On some occasions we started back pretty quickly (when she was still pretty highly aroused) and others we just started from zero and worked back up. It depends on how she is feeling.

    We have also noticed that her desire for multiples and her ability to attain sequential O’s is highest during ovulation.

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