Period Sex: Wife Orgasms With Husband in her Mouth

Period Sex: Wife Orgasms With Husband in her Mouth 1

For whatever reason, Sexy Corte’s period is often one of the times in her cycle that she is especially amorous, which can obviously lead to frustration for both of us! The topic of period sex probably deserves its own post, but since we don’t have time to write it right now we wanted to share something new that we did a few weeks ago.

Actually, it’s not entirely new: we wrote about “Old Faithful” almost four years ago! What’s new is that we realized that we can do this position pretty effectively while Sexy Corte is using a tampon without making a big mess if we use a vibrator instead of my fingers. To refresh your memory on the position:

I lay on my back while Sexy Corte kneels over my body at a 90-degree angle with her legs spread. I play with her lady bits while she performs oral sex on me. I’ll use my fingers to play all around outside and inside her body (see: Zoom Technique) to the point that she usually loses focus and forgets what she’s supposed to be doing.

Old Faithful can be carried to completion and it’s one of the best positions for getting Sexy Corte off with my fingers. Sometimes she has a hard time reaching orgasm if I’m not inside her, and Old Faithful makes this possible. From my perspective, there’s almost nothing hotter than my wife having a powerful orgasm with me in her mouth.

Using a vibrator instead of my fingers makes the orgasm faster and easier for Sexy Corte (which can be very important when you’ve got kids), and there’s less movement to dislodge the tampon and make a mess. Sexy Corte generally has a better orgasm when I’m in her vagina (obviously), but having me in her mouth is more stimulating for her than when we’ve tried fingers or vibrator on their own.

As for me, I get some bonus fun: I love it when Sexy Corte has an orgasm while I’m in her mouth. Don’t get me wrong, her orgasms always feel great to me, but it’s a special treat for me when she climaxes while performing oral sex. It feels amazing physically, but it also drives me crazy mentally to feel and see and hear her pleasure while she’s going down on me.

There are several other things we do to make period sex work for us that we’ll write about in a later post, but we wanted to share this one now because it was so surprisingly fulfilling for both of us. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. *THIS*

    Please write more about this topic. How long have you and SC been married?
    I am going to be 52 soon and my period shows no signs of slowing down. It’s gotten worse, in the fact that it’s extremely heavy, but tends the last about 7 days. Since our sex life has grown a thousand percent since February based on some other things that I’ve shared, ( and to think both of us thought it was good before?!) We are totally up for any and all suggestions on what to do during this time of the month. I know in the Old Testament you were not supposed to penetrate your wife for fear of disease. I can tell you that my husband is not turned off whatsoever and will still make love to me, but we do not have penetration on the first two days of my period. The tampon trick helped, so thank you. What else have you done and explored? Now that we want to be intimate daily, we’re almost already dreading 7 Days of next month. My hubby came up with a cute schedule: last night, he dubbed first Wednesday after your period #pussybangingWednesday, and the first Friday will be named #swiminyourjuices Friday. I’m thinking about speeding home from work tomorrow! I am so unbelievably thankful for a husband who absolutely adores giving me oral sex.

    I think this would be a very timely topic! Thanks again. Your site totally rocks and so do both of you!

    1. Glad to hear it!

      There’s a lot more that can be written about period sex, but one of our go-to techniques is to simply have sex in the shower. Sounds like maybe you can teach us a few things!

  2. I would love to have you guys write more on this topic of “Period Sex”. My wife gets really horny during the week of her period and I love it and try to take advantage of that bonus as much as possible during that week :). I have no problem at all doing everything we do at other times of the month (save oral) while she is on her period. The interesting thing is that her orgasms are FAR better and more intense during this week of the month. She said the other day that they are twice as good or more when she is on her period.
    My questions are…
    -Why is this?
    -Is it hormonal? Is it something physically with the loosening of cramping muscles?
    -Do other women experience this as well?
    -Is there a way to mimic this when she is not on her period?
    -Is penetration during her period something that is still supposed to be avoided or was that something that is no longer applicable today?

    1. It sounds like you know more on the topic then we do :) We generally use the technique described in this post, or have sex in the shower.

      As for your questions, all women are different. If your wife has great orgasms while she’s on her period, then good for you for making sure she gets them!

      There’s no health reason to avoid sex while you’re wife is on her period. As always maintaining good hygiene is important, but you can clean up after.

    2. My husband and I have had the same experience. I absolutely love him making love to me on my period. (Studly A) My orgasms are much better also during this time as with your wife. You brought up some great points of knowledge that I had never thought about. I had always wondered if I was the only woman this happens to. Thanks for sharing. Glad other women can experience it too.

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