“Most Women Prefer to Go Bare, Citing Hygiene”

"Most Women Prefer to Go Bare, Citing Hygiene" 1

We’ve written about shaving for husbands and wives before, and the practice is increasingly seen as “the new normal”, especially for women. However, despite what most women seem to think, the benefits are primarily sexual, not hygienic.

A new study published in the journal JAMA Dermatology on Wednesday confirmed just how widespread the practice is. Sixty-two percent of a nationally representative sample of 3,316 women said they opted for complete removal of their pubic hair; 84 percent reported some grooming.

But while previous research showed that women groom to facilitate sexual activity, this survey found the overwhelming majority said they did so for hygiene.

That perception troubled researchers. “Many women think they are dirty and unclean if they haven’t groomed,” said Dr. Tami S. Rowen, an obstetrician-gynecologist and the lead author of the study.

Of course, what a person means by hygiene may not line up with the medical definition. Hair “down there” really gets in the way of oral sex — it’s distracting, especially when it tickles your nose or gets stuck in your teeth.

Your mileage may vary, but we enjoy the intense, sensual smoothness of bare skin.

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  1. I know that this is a big debate in the medical community now. I completely understand wanting to be bare for the sake of marriage and oral sex. What I don’t understand is girls that are young choosing to shave completely bare. That is not something that I would’ve considered when I was a teenager. I read an article just this week that said more teenage girls are coming in with everything shaved. Some are being told it is a cleanliness issue. I think that a lot of young girls are getting pressured though for oral sex and to look like every naked pic they see of other girls and women.
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      1. You know, my parents never had the discussion with me about this. My mom told me to shave everything my bathing suit didn’t cover. Other then that, she never said anything. I decided to trim shorter when I was a teenager on account of it being less hot and not getting pinched in my underwear. However, it wasn’t until I was married that I ever went all the way bare, and it took several years for me to even get to the point that I wanted to do that.
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  2. A former girlfriend surprised me by coming to bed bare. I liked because I could then lick her whole pubic area. She had more orgasms

  3. Please note that the article as quoted is in error and has since been revised. The study found that 62% of the women in its sample had ever completely removed their pubic hair, not that 62% did on an ongoing basis.

  4. I’ve kept myself shaved bald for about 16 years now (I’m 40). I absolutely LOVE it! And so does my husband (he shaves as well). I will never go back to having bush!! I’m a baldie for life! I love the look and feel of a smooth pussy. Men, you should try shaving it all off too. My hubby loves being bare. He’s all tree and no bush haha. Smooth on smooth is definitely the way to go!

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