Get (and Give) a Better View of the Action

Get (and Give) a Better View of the Action 1

A lot of readers come here looking for something new to do in bed, but their spouses may not be up for trying bondage or sexy games quite yet. Well, here’s an idea that might add a new twist to your comfortable sex routine without being too “out there”: position your bodies to get (and give) a better view of the penetration. Why is this fun?

  • Husbands especially are visual creatures, and we like to watch — I’m sure some wives do, too! It’s not only highly arousing to look at your spouse’s parts during sex, but it also gives you an opportunity to watch how his or her whole body reacts to stimulation.
  • Moving bodies around gives the husband an opportunity to take control, and gives the wife an opportunity to be submissive.
  • Showing yourself off is an opportunity for vulnerability, which builds intimacy.
  • Even small changes in position create a sense of novelty — but don’t sweat it if you need to fall back on your “standard” position to actually reach orgasm.

So how do you do it? Here are a few tips.

  • Turn on the lights. You can’t watch if you can’t see.
  • Spread her legs. In a face-to-face position, the husband can grab his wife’s knees (which may normally gripped tightly around his waist) and spread them open as far as they’ll go. This may make the wife feel vulnerable and exposed, but isn’t that exciting? Don’t be shy.
  • Perpendicular bodies. Keep your torsos at a right angle instead of pressing together. It’s less intimate, but unless you have x-ray vision it’s the only way to see the action. Positions like doggy style (arch your back) or wife-on-top can be good, especially for the husband to see the penetration. The wife can also lay on her back near the edge of the bed while the husband stands on the floor.
  • Take it slow. You’ll see more if you move slowly, and shallow thrusts will keep space between your bodies and maintain line-of-sight.
  • Oral sex. Mouths and fingers are hot to penetrate and penetrate with, and often easier to see.
  • Mirrors. If the wife wants to see much, you may want to use a mirror (or two). Sexy Corte isn’t as visual as I am, so we haven’t tried this.
  • Take a picture. We haven’t done this either — make sure to lock your phone.

Do you like to watch yourselves have sex? Leave your best tips in the comments.

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  1. Recently my wife has been willing to do doggy style and this has been fantastic visually. I need to add mirrors to our sexual bucket list for certain. Regarding cameras/smartphones, this is a big iffy because of hacks and losing one’s phone unless you have a great encrypted program or SD card. Even then, the security is still not a guarantee. :(

    1. Doggy style is great visually, I agree! I’m wary of mirrors… I’m not sure I look as hot from a distant angle as I do in my mind, haha!

  2. We have a mirror in our bedroom on my dresser beside the bed. If we are doing something not face-to-face, I like to look over and watch him sometimes, and sometimes I even look at myself to see what he sees. It feels much more personal/connected than it otherwise would, but it’s not distracting.

  3. Our bedroom closet doors are a huge mirror, ( you can purshase at only large home improvement store) not only are they great for getting ready each day, but great to watch and see when we make love to each other.!! So replace those old doors with mirrored doors in that bedroom!

  4. A good movable option that is not too pricey is a trifold dressing mirror screen. Open it will be 4 to 5ft wide and 5 to 6ft tall. You can place it beside the bed, at the foot of the bed, beside a couch or chair or most anywhere else in any room . They don’t cost all that much either; comparable to and you don’t have to “install” them. Just stand and open. Sturdy at 70-80lbs.

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