Face-to-Face “Comfy” Foreplay Position

Face-to-Face "Comfy" Foreplay Position 1

Sexy Corte’s favorite foreplay is what we call “comfy position”:  we lie down on our sides, face-to-face, and cuddle with her top leg over my hip while my lubed finger plays with her lady bits. Usually I’m on my left side and she’s on her right side; she rests her head on my left arm and cuddles up against me, and I reach between her legs with my right hand. We use a bunch of lube so my fingers are slick, and then I rub her gently until she wants me to stop.

Comfy position is relaxing and easy on our bodies, so we can do it for as long as Sexy Corte likes. She doesn’t choose to reach orgasm this way, but she finds it hypnotic and relaxing. It’s pretty similar to how I feel when she’s giving me a blowjob, but it’s a lot less work! She could orgasm in this position if we persisted (or used a vibrator) but we seem to use it exclusively for foreplay. We call it “Phase 1” of our usual sex routine.

We’ve written about orgasmic meditation, but it’s not a practice that has really stuck with us. I think comfy position has taken its place as foreplay, and it achieves many of the same goals for Sexy Corte and myself. I enjoy pleasuring her, and she enjoys receiving pleasure in a relaxing, comfortable position.

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  1. I didn’t know the woman could choose not to orgasm lol, I assumed it was involuntary. Is that some you do to prevent that?

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