“Double Feature” Gift Idea

"Double Feature" Gift Idea 1

I sometimes come up with names in my head for things that Sexy Corte does, and she seems to get a kick out of it when I share. In this case, she thought my name was lame (true) and she rechristened the move as the “Double Feature”. Wives, if you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your husband then this might just be it! The “Double Feature” is simple: he gets to come in your mouth and your vagina in the same day.

To give your husband a day he won’t forget, explain the “Double Feature” to him when he wakes up and tell him he can decide when he wants each showing. If you really want him to go crazy thinking about you all day, give him a ticket to carry around in his pocket.

ticket roll

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  1. Very creative usage. Another “spin” on this would be to give the ticket in public or tell him its a double feature day even among friends who do not know the secret.

    This creates a lot more buzz for the same two precious words. Great stuff.

    Your friend – Jerry Stumpf

  2. I agree. If you had folks give you their suggestions without specifically telling which words they use that might make a great feed for your blog. Some couples may feel comfortable sharing their words.

    My wife and I have a very tame word we use in a creative fashion. It is one that could be heard by someone else and they would not know at all what we are referring to. We have even used it in a sentence around our kids (now grown with kids of their own) and on the mirror with dry erase markers.

    That is another tool I suggest to couples to use on a frequent basis for romantic gestures and not necessarily for sex related messages unless they are cryptic. I am not against our children knowing mom and dad enjoy each other physically.

    It also adds spice to the day when one of us will use one of our code words with each other.

    Married forty years and still enjoying each other.

    Your Friend — Jerry Stumpf

  3. I love the “double feature” idea. I recently bought a cardboard Christmas mailbox from the Dollar General from in town. I put it in the living room temporarily. My husband noticed it right away. You should have seen his face light up when I told him that I’d be placing it in our bedroom, and filling it with surprises for him (for night time activities). I told him to look for the flag in the up position. Tonight I will fill it up with a “double feature” Idea (a two fer). I love these great ideas to keep everything sizzling hot. Married twenty six years and still enjoying each other. :)

    1. Haha that’s awesome! Very creative. I’m sure your husband will be excited to check the mail every day when he gets home.

      1. Yeah, it gives another twist to, “You’ve got mail”. The two fer tonight is ‘like a virgin’ cream and a new massage oil. The massage oil is perfect for his sore muscles, and well, the other one, well, we’ve never tried it before. We’ll see. I love trying new stuff. We need to give credit to Lori over at Generous Wife. She had the mailbox idea. I will bring out that mailbox every Christmas season. Fun!

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