After Her Orgasm

After Her Orgasm 1

Sexy Corte’s favorite way to reach orgasm is on top of me with a vibrator wedged between us. I recently wrote a post about what a husband can do with his hands while his wife’s on top, and now I’m going to give you a few ideas for what to do after your wife has a screaming orgasm.

First, best, and most important is for the husband to wrap his arms around his wife and squeeze her tightly against his body while she trembles through the aftershocks of her orgasm. This period only lasts for a minute or so, but it’s one of my favorite parts of sex! I love enveloping Sexy Corte while she shakes and moans after her orgasm; it’s so intimate to share her orgasm with her from the outside and inside at the same time. This is a great time to whisper in her ear how much I love her and how sexy she is.

As her orgasm subsides, there are several options we enjoy for finishing up my orgasm. By the time Sexy Corte climaxes I’ve been holding my orgasm back for a while and I’m usually ready to explode, so none of these activities generally lasts more than a few minutes!

  • Roll her over. We’ve gotten pretty good at rolling over together without pulling out: we flip her onto her back while I stay between her legs. With her knees up, this maneuver enables deeper penetration that often makes SC moan and writhe all over again and pushes me over the edge. Then we lay together and cuddle for a while.
  • Doggy style. Another great position for deeper penetration, and especially pleasurable for Sexy Corte after she orgasms. Her tightness in this position — and the fun of spanking her butt a few times — can make it impossible for me to hold back, but sometimes I go slow and drag things out for a few minutes of exquisitely intense stimulation.
  • Ride to the finish line. Instead of changing positions, sometimes Sexy Corte stays on top and rides me to the finish line. If the timing is right, we may just orgasm together and collapse.
  • Multiple orgasms. If the circumstances are just right, sometimes Sexy Corte will be up for having another orgasm! Incredibly fun for me and intense for her. Most of the time one is enough, but sometimes the first orgasm isn’t quite right for some reason and leaves her feeling unsatisfied. That’s no good! After two orgasms she’s usually exhausted and extra-cuddly.
  • In her mouth. It’s really sexy to me when Sexy Corte alternates between her vagina and mouth while we’re having sex, and sometimes when we’re having sex I think I’d really like to finish in her mouth… but then when it comes time, I decide I’d rather orgasm in her vagina. It’s a primal imperative.
  • On her body. The husband can also finish on the wife’s body, but that seems like it would be an anticlimactic way to finish awesome sex. We’ve tried this a little, and it doesn’t really do it for us. Also: not an effective form of birth control!

I think it’s pretty common for the wife to orgasm first, so please leave a comment and share you ideas for what to do after her orgasm. Do you change positions?

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  1. Once again another outstanding blog! One of the gifts GOD gave women is having multiple orgasms! With the wife having the desire for the husband to finish in her mouth with the wife devouring his love juices gracefully showing how much she loves him. One thing to do after the wifes first is have another one… Putting on a show, with an insertable toy while the husband participates is always very sexy and satisfying!

  2. One of the great things about God’s gift of sex is the wonderful variety of experiences. As a husband each of the options listed here to finish my O has its own uniquely enjoyable experience.

    In missionary I get to look straight into my wife’s eyes and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. I greatly enjoy when my wife pulls her knees up and wraps her legs around my waist. This changes the angle of entry and allows me to experience full body contact as well as the ability to grab her behind during thrusting.

    (BTW how do you guys roll over from WOT to missionary while staying connected and without um.. injuring a certain male body part? Do you just move slowly or is there a delicate ballet involved?)

    Doggy style is probably my favorite sexual position. The view, dominant positioning, deep penetration, and the variety of thrusting possible with this position make for an amazing O. Its definitely hard to last for a long time though.

    Several advantages to O’ing when the wife is on top include the great view (what husband doesn’t want to see certain parts of his wife’s body bounce. ;) ), ease of orgasm (the husband doesn’t have to do much work), and the pressure of the wife’s body on the husband’s genitals.

    Oral sex and manual sex certainly give great orgasms but personally I would rather finish inside my wife. We tend to use manual and oral sex during times when intercourse isn’t possible (like when my wife is on her period.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

      As for your question: how do we roll over? It doesn’t really seem difficult. Sexy Corte is on top, grips me with her knees, and leans forward close to my chest. Then we just roll to the side together onto her back. We hold each other close so that there isn’t really much relative movement between our bodies. Does that help?

      1. Thanks El Fury. That description helps out a lot. My wife and I just weren’t sure what to do in order to minimize the relative movement and make sure nothing was painfully bent when transitioning from WOT to missionary.

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