Should I Shave My Balls? Yes!

Should I Shave My Balls? Yes! 1

Dr. Evil shaved his balls and you should too! Sure, it was an awkward joke in Austin Powers, but the truth is that ball licking feels incredible and your wife will appreciate it too — which means more licking! Both of those links have great tips and tricks for the ladies on how to pleasure their husband’s jewels, so check ’em out. The rest of this post is for the husbands.

So you’ve got a few questions before taking the plunge? Let me address some of the most common concerns.

  • “It’s weird!” Well, I don’t have any statistics about how many men shave, but I’ll tell you this: no one will be able to tell by looking at you when clothed. Unless you’re stripping down in front of people frequently, your shaving can be completely secret. Considering how many women shave, I bet the number of men is higher than you think.
  • “Shaving will hurt!” It doesn’t. It can be nerve-wracking the first time you put a safety razor down there, but if you use common sense you’ll be fine. You shave your face routinely, right? I personally shave in the shower with a cheapo disposable razor and don’t use any shaving cream or soap. The warm water is enough to lubricate the skin and razor, and the hairs just wash away. I’ve nicked myself a few times, but the spots of blood stop themselves before I get out of the shower.
  • “My bare balls will itch or chafe!” Actually the smooth skin feels awesome. No more hairs to be pulled or caught in skin or clothing. Once you go bare you’ll never go back.

There are numerous benefits.

  • First and foremost, I guarantee you will get more blow jobs. What’s that worth to you?
  • It will feel crazy intense when your wife licks your bare balls. You will love it.
  • Your wife will like not flossing with your pubes while she’s down there. The whole area will be cleaner, smell better, and be more inviting.
  • It feels great during intercourse too, especially if your wife is bare. No more hair to get caught or pulled, and lots more skin-on-skin contact in the most important places.
  • Your erection will look bigger.
  • Tea bagging is easier and awesomer when your balls can hang loose and slide into her mouth.

Do it! You won’t regret it. Tell us how it works out for you!

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  1. No truer words have been said. I don’t shave everything above my penis, but I do trim it or manscape. That being said, the balls are important and make it look so much more appealing to her.

  2. Some are put off by the possibility of ingrown hairs. Admittedly, it can and does happen. However, I have been smooth for nearly forty years, and no longer have ingrown hairs. The skin toughens, just as it does on the face. I shave every time I bathe.
    This doesn’t take away any sensitivity, and if anything, enhances it. Just don’t shave against the grain!
    I’m a nudist, and it seems in my age group (60’s), about half of men and women are shaved.

  3. I shaved everything down there. It’s one of the best things I could have done. The comfort is absolutely amazing. I shave just below my pecs all the way down to the thighs, daily. I trim everything else very short. I so glad I did. I’ve been shaving for years

  4. For those that want to take their shaving to the next level – wax.
    My wife and I used to shave all the time, and for an anniversary I surprised her with male and female Brazilian waves. Wow!
    Definitely smoother than shaving, and lasts that way a lot longer.

      1. We go to an aesthetician, and they are trained in making sure the skin is kept treasure, which direction to pull, etc.
        We make a date night or of it and get waxed together (one at a time)

  5. I tried it, and my wife didn’t like it – even one day after shaving it was too prickly. I found it tricky to do as well.

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