“She’s dirty and amenable” — Sexual Fantasies About Your Spouse

"She's dirty and amenable" -- Sexual Fantasies About Your Spouse 1

Having sexual fantasies about your spouse is great, and sharing your fantasies with each other is a good way to deepen your sexual relationship.

Earlier this week Sexy Corte was on her period and going out with the kids for a playdate with some of their friends. She joked, “I know what you’ll be doing while I’m gone”. An evening with the house to myself?!

Me: “Playing video games.”

Her: “And jerking off.”

She was right, of course, and when she came home she asked about my fantasies.

Me: “Fantasy Sexy Corte is always home with me, and always eager to please!”

Her: “Oh yeah? And what exactly does Fantasy Sexy Corte do, hmmmm?”

Me: “She’s dirty and amenable.”

Now, Sexy Corte is very open minded and agreeable, so this isn’t a knock on her at all. But Fantasy Sexy Corte will give me an hour-long blowjob while I play video games. Sharing these fantasies with Sexy Corte is a fun way to expand our sexual conversation, and every real sex act we do starts in one of our minds as a fantasy.

Your spouse should be the focus of your sexual energy, in “real life” and in your fantasies. Be as open as you can when sharing your fantasies with your spouse, and when your spouse shares with you be sure to listen without judgement or offense.

Do you share your sexual fantasies with your spouse? If so, how do those conversations go?

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  1. We’ve stopped sharing fantasies as it makes her feel like she’s not enough because my fantasies are mostly beyond her boundaries.

    1. I can see how that could happen. Have you talked about her boundaries? Is she open to adjusting them?

        1. Of course! Both spouses should be looking for ways to bless each other.

          But why on earth should she adjust her boundaries?

          She might be open to exploring something new, or she may not. We all adjust our boundaries for other people all the time. Some boundaries are firm, and others are soft. E.g., I prefer not to work on the weekend, but I will when it’s necessary. Similarly, there are probably sex acts that one spouse likes more than the other. If you value variety, then it may be worthwhile for each spouse to sometimes do things that aren’t their favorite.

  2. We do it through text, I do all the scenarios she enjoyes it but usually gives on liner responses. I would like her to be more descriptive and add to the scenarios but shes says she doesn’t know what to say back

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