Ice Cream vs. Sex

Ice Cream vs. Sex 1

El Fury and I love ice cream. We try to be disciplined and restrain our urges to a few times a week, and we get very excited when it’s “ice cream night”. Sometimes if we haven’t had sex, I find myself looking forward to eating ice cream more than I look forward to having sex. But then I remind myself: after having sex I typically feel great. After eating ice cream? Maybe not so great. So make sure you have sex, and if there is time afterwards eat some ice cream together! (Or you can try combining ice cream and sex into a bifecta!)

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  1. My favorite cream is the cream my wife produces when she is turned on she creates… It is my special treat for me to devour and enjoy her cream! Puts a huge grin on my face and leaves my face an awesome mess! And yes this husband swallows!

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