Decorate Your Bodies for Christmas

Decorate Your Bodies for Christmas 1

Celebrate Christmas by adorning your spouse’s body with sexy and seasonal decorations! In a comment on “The Origin or Spanksgiving” wife Lucy wrote:

I would love more posts about how to play around with spanking as foreplay – specifically, I appreciate how you often present it as a way you’re appreciating your wife’s body and enjoying sensations together; it doesn’t have to be about punishing or embarrassing someone. I get people are into that, but for me I just get excited by the fact my husband especially likes handling that part of my body. I don’t need to play out that this is some kind of discipline to enjoy him being stronger and eager to grab me.

Sexy Corte and I aren’t particularly into “punishment” play, but I sure do like her butt. So this Christmas season I’ve been using markers to decorate her butt with festive drawings and messages such as:

  • Christmas trees, lights, and decorations
  • “Merry Christmas!”
  • “Naughty and nice”
  • “Who wants cookies?”

Here are a few ideas for spicing up your decoration experience:

  • Draw while having sex in doggy style or jockey position.
  • Have the wife guess what was drawn on her butt (or vice versa if the husband was the canvas)
  • Draw long-lasting elements with sharpies, and augment them daily with washable markers. For example, draw a Christmas tree with a sharpie, and then add new ornaments every day with washable colored markers.
  • Keep a tally of your sexual accomplishments, for example: number of orgasms for each spouse, list of positions you’ve done, or a bucket list to check off as you do it.
  • Write out the lyrics to your favorite Christmas carol and sing-along together.
  • Flash the decorations as required to create a festive holiday food.

If you’ve got any other ideas for decorating your bodies for Christmas, share them in the comments!

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