Bifecta: Café Fellatio

Bifecta: Café Fellatio 1

This post is also available as a podcast: Podcast #012: The Bifecta – Combining Sex With Another Activity

I love coffee and oral sex, but until now I hadn’t thought of combining them! We’ve written before about one kind of bifecta (television and casual oral sex) and here’s another: Café Fellatio.

A bar set to open in Geneva, Switzerland, later this year will have the most-bizarre offering. It will offer its customers oral sex and coffee, albeit at a high price. Customers will have to shell out a lot more than an average brew to enjoy the cuppa, and at the same time get comfortable at the cafe’s bar. It is believed that customers will be charged £42 (AU$80) for the combo. An additional AU$7 will be charged as surplus for the drink.

Obviously this idea is exploitative and immoral as a business, but it sounds like a fun treat to enjoy with your spouse!

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  1. Oh yes…the best thing about Saturday morning is waking up early- before my husband- making coffee and waking him up with a warm surprise around his-and my- favorite body part.

    1. We get a ton of questions from husbands who want more oral sex and wives who want to learn to enjoy giving it. Care to share your secrets?

      1. I personally love to swallow and it excites me as a wife. We have been married for 12 years and it still happens at least once or twice a day, actually yesterday alone it was 4! Kids are back in school! Yeah!
        I think what might help a woman to begin to swallow is changing your diet. When you are planning to seduce your wife to swallow is to it eat pineapple for days leaded up to it. Pineapple will make your semen sweeter and more enjoyable for her.
        Also Maybe try oral sex after you have had sex and orgasmed. That way when you do it again in her mouth it is not such a huge amount.
        Also orgasm further into her mouth towards the back of her throat that way she does have to concentrate on the taste but just swallow!
        I don’t know but as a wife I would be offended if my husband stopped a session after oral to go brush his teeth! So I would want him to have the same for him. Semen is a very intimate part of him and when you as a wife realize how much pleasure it gives him, it becomes easier and much more pleasurable with time!

        And shave or trim really close to your body. Hair will create an automatic gag reflex for me! Lol

        1. Hey Jennifer, thanks for the comment. Once or twice a day is pretty impressive, haha. I’ve read that pineapple can improve the taste of semen… have you tried with and without? I haven’t really seen any verification of this, and I don’t particularly like pineapple myself.

          1. It’s a tad bit sweeter but any diet high in fruit makes it a little sweeter. Plus when he is more hydrated it is less dense and easier to swallow!

          2. Good to hear some first-hand experience, thanks!

            Many wives don’t seem too keen on swallowing… that’s one of the questions we get most from readers — “how to I get my wife to swallow?” or “how do I learn to enjoy swallowing?”

            How would you answer those? If you feel like writing down your perspective, would you mind if I share it in a post on the site?

  2. You guys … I can’t believe how open you are about your marriage relationship. My wife has a low libido, so we don’t get to do a lot sexually. Your posts (naked Jenga, role play, cafe fellatio etc.) make me thing married sex can be fun and that might be a way in for us, so to speak. Thanks for sharing and hopefully one day my wife will also want to read about the things you two get up to together. Love it.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, and I hope it’s an encouragement. Have you talked with your wife about your desires?

    1. Great question, but I don’t know! I’ve never had one there. I’d guess the same techniques that apply to other areas of skin?

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