Sleep Naked and Wake up Early

Sleep Naked and Wake up Early 1

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Sleep and sex really seem to complement each other, and not just because you’re likely to do them in the same place. If you want to sleep better and have more and better sex, try sleeping naked and waking up early.

First, the health benefits of sleeping naked. We’ve written about why you should sleep naked (and almost naked) before, and this article has some science that might convince you.

1. You’ll fall asleep faster.

2. You’ll sleep better.

3. You’ll improve your relationship.

4. You’ll reduce stress and anxiety.

5. You’ll have more sex.

6. You’ll improve your vaginal health.

7. You may lose weight.

8. You’ll look younger.

9. You’ll boost your self-esteem.

Second, we recently wrote about setting your alarm for morning sex, so we’re not at all surprised to read that early-risers have more sex than people who sleep in.

The survey of 2,000 Americans, split evenly between self-identified early birds and night owls, found that early birds have more sex per week, on average, than their late-night counterparts.

The survey shows early-risers have sex an average of three times per week, compared to twice per week for late-risers — an impressive 50% advantage for early-risers. That’s more than 50 additional sexy times per year — maybe 2500 over the course of your married life. Seems worth it to me.

How do you and your spouse sleep? Are you intentional about what you wear, when you sleep, and when you wake up? Share your ideas and experience in the comments.

(Side note: I couldn’t find an image of a man and woman together waking up early and happy. Go figure.)

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  1. There is something about the way my wife’s skin feels against mine. It doesn’t matter if it’s arms, legs or other. I love her body touching mine. Sleeping naked together is a pure joy. There is something about it that brings a special closeness. And it makes things so much easier!! Whenever you want to start that “special touching” that will ultimately lead to incredible orgasms, you don’t have to mess with taking anything off! And then, the beauty of it is (if it’s still night) you don’t have to put anything on.

    Now….some folks say they can’t sleep naked because of the kids in the house. I never bought into that thinking. I simply locked the door. Now, the kids that are still at home are old enough to not open the door. If they do, THEY get to pay for the counseling they may need after what they see. HAHA!!

    1. We always lock our doors, and I really don’t get parents who don’t. How can you possibly have a good sex life when your kids have free access to your sex room??

  2. The only problem I have while trying to sleep naked is what if I have a ‘nightly emmision’, or wet dream’. Then the bed is a mess, and I’m greatly annoyed.

    I also debate going to sleep quicker. I find myself too distracted

  3. My wife sleeps in a t-shirt and long pants. Never even gets close to me for sleeping and never has morning sex. I would love all or the above to change but don’t see much light at the end of the tunnel

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