Prepare for Spontaneity: Cleaning Up After Sex

Prepare for Spontaneity: Cleaning Up After Sex 1

Everyone loves to be spontaneous when it comes to sex, and many couples feel that a lot of planning or scheduling can ruin the mood. However, a little advance preparation can grease the wheels (insert lubrication joke here) for future spontaneity. One of the biggest deterrents to spontaneous away-from-the-bedroom sex can be worrying about the aftermath: sex is messy! So here’s a simple tip: take an old wash cloth with you wherever you go. It’s easy to stash a washcloth in the glove box of your car, in your backpack, in your purse, or in your briefcase. You’ll be ready for spontaneous sex whenever you’ve got 10 minutes to kill alone with your spouse and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up.

Even for the bedroom Sexy Corte and I keep a drawer full of old wash cloths right next to the bed. We call them our “sex rags” — not a very sexy name, but very handy for after sex that isn’t near shower time.

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  1. Indeed–nothing to kill the mood like realizing your hosts will realize what you were doing in their guest room! I always make sure to pack necessary items, and then when my husband asks if I have ‘supplies’ I can always smile, say ‘yes’, and we can continue!

    1. Way to be prepared! I suspect that many husbands could benefit from remembering to bring the necessary supplies.

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