Give Your Spouse Something To Be Thankful For

Give Your Spouse Something To Be Thankful For 1

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

When was the last time you thanked God for your spouse? When was the last time you thanked God for creating sex, and bringing you and your spouse together to enjoy sex together? Don’t fall into the trap of spending all your prayer time asking for things — “count your blessings”, and thank God for them. Especially your spouse. It’s temping to “pray for your spouse” by listing off all your complaints to God (and that’s certainly wiser than listing them all to your spouse), but don’t use “prayer” as an excuse to develop a bitter or demanding spirit. Notice how I put “prayer” in quotes everywhere? If you use your time with God to complain, are you really communicating with him at all?

Check out my Song of Solomon series and meditate on the imagery the Lover and Beloved use to describe each other. Pray those words over your spouse.

When was the last time you thanked your spouse for their love? When was the last time you thanked your spouse for being your lover? Maybe you figure “she already knows”, or “he won’t want to talk about it”, but ’tis the season! Thank your spouse for their love, their intimacy, and their sexuality.

Even though the holidays are busy and stressful, make some time to be alone with your spouse and give them something special to be thankful for!

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  1. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you too! I thank God often about having such a good man. I really do! I have even started to thank God for the awesome sex that He created for married couples. I’ve thanked Him for sex in the last year, since I started reading Christian marriage blogs and websites. I don’t pray for God to “fix” my husband. He doesn’t need fixing. Gratefulness is the word I would use to describe my feelings about my husband.

    I am grateful that my beloved chose me. We had a rocky start that most couples usually don’t experience during their entire lifetime together. My husband (who was only someone I casually dated at the time) showed me what he was made of. It just so happened that, only after a couple of months of dating, I became crippled. What happened to me was horrible and no fault of my own. I could not walk, dress myself, or feed myself. It was very devastating for someone who was in her 20’s and just ready to graduate out of college.

    What did this man do that showed me what extraordinary character he has? He never left my side emotionally. For all the gals out here in the blogosphere, you already know how important it is to have a man who supports you emotionally. There I was, unable to walk or do much of anything for a long time, and yet this man supported me emotionally nonstop. Some guys, even with a commitment, would bolt during trials like this. We were long distance dating at the time. He would drive up to see me on the weekends and sometimes during the week. It was more than a hours drive one way for him to drive up. He would carry me into his truck since I could not walk. He would drive me around St Paul, just so I could get out of the house on the weekends. This went on for months. We did not know if this was going to be my life forever. Did this guy bolt? Nope, never.

    His personality and outstanding character blew my mind. It still does. We actually got engaged before I did physical therapy to learn to walk again (3 months after I became crippled). I met him on the last day in July, got crippled in late October, and engaged in January. This man is amazing! He stood by my side during some pretty rough times for me. I would remain loyal, no matter what was thrown at me. His folks ended up being a nightmare (long story there). It did not matter, I was going to remain with this man, no matter what. He did the same for me.

    I’m thankful for my beloved husband. He is slow to anger, I love that about him. He’s kind, and generous every single day.We work together all day long. I love my boss. He tells me that my worth is far above rubies (hence my name). He’s such a sweet man. I think I got the better deal. I have much to be thankful for. Thanks for reminding me to thank him for being who he is. And again, thanks for reminding me to thank Him for everything.

    1. I love that you share this story so often in so many places. I know the sexual relationship in your marriage is fantastic, and while sex is an extremely important aspect of marriage, the non-sexual love shown through trust, faith and commitment is needed to provide the deep, perpetual desire for the sex. You two have that.

    2. Wow, what an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it. We’ve been away for a few days, or I would have noticed this comment much earlier. It’s just a blessing to have a spouse, or even a friend, who will stand by your side no matter what. Any sane person would recognize that a person like that is worth more than riches in the world. So, of course, “FarAboveRubies”!

  2. Such a good post and FarAboveRubies shared a wonderful story of dedication and true love from her husband. Thanks for holding up your husband in such a nice fashion.

    In between the lines you can see that he demonstrated his devotion with actions. That’s a real man.

    This is a great time to reflect upon many blessing in our life!

    This country has it a bit backwards, don’t you think? One day to be thankful and 364 to watch folks grumble and complain.

    How about if they had a day of grumbling and 364 to rejoice and be glad and exceedingly grateful!

    This is exactly what we instil in married couples.

    I am grateful for my bride of forty years, our thee children and six grandchildren and the many couples who have allowed us to grow closer together through our weekend seminars and small group sessions.

    WOW, what a blessed life we have! —

    1. I try to avoid chronic complainers. I find that such people are unreliable downers, and eventually they’ll drag you with them.

  3. “I love that my wife is so easygoing and playful. She is almost always willing to let me finish on her face when I ask to (except when she has plans to go out somewhere and doesn’t want her make up messed up!) For me, I love the visual of seeing my wife with her mouth open, trying to catch my come in her mouth. And then I see it running down the sides of her mouth and chin.”

    This has got to be the best description of true love, desire, acceptance and gift any wife can give to her husband if he asks… This is from the “facials” posting. I have never experienced this with anyone including my wife of 23 years. I absolutely love devouring her juices, I could taste her non stop always tell her how good she tastes. When she goes down on me she gets mad if I cum at all. She tries to stop before i get there. I will see if I can share the Song of Solomon chapters. Message to wives… PLEASE DO THIS FOR YOUR HUBBY…he will adore you!

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