Date Night Conversation Starters

Date Night Conversation Starters 1

When Sexy Corte and I go out on a date we usually do dinner plus an activity. (Usually not a movie, because there’s hardly ever anything we want to see.) But for our last date night, instead of an physical activity we decided to focus on each other by having a great conversation. Our lives are so busy that when we have time to sit down and really talk it’s usually about something “important”, and we often revisit the same topics: our amazing kids, our upcoming activities, our friends, our church, etc. Those are all great, but for this date we used a fantastic tool created by The Generous Wife to prompt us in different directions: A Year of Questions for You and Your Spouse.

The list of questions is available as a PDF, and it’s intended to give you one question to discuss with your spouse every day for a year. For our date, however, we used to pick random questions for us (1 – 366) and we went through about a dozen over the course of two hours. The questions covered a lot of territory and we learned a lot about each other — almost like we were first dating again!

We also used our new wireless vibrator during dinner, which is always a blast. It’s pretty sexy to watch your wife get all flustered when you buzz her while she’s trying to decide what language she wants to learn or what she liked best about her first job. The vibrator turns her on, and her arousal drives me insane. Important tip: make sure you have a fully charged vibrator at home for after your date! The wireless one she’s wearing will eventually run out of juice, and you don’t want to leave her hanging.

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  1. These questions are great. We have printed them off and given them away as Christmas gifts to family, and also as a wedding gift for people who don’t actually need anything (they’ve been living together first or they have their own separate houses full of stuff they need to combine). I think it’s a brilliant start to a marriage to do one of these questions a day. My husband and I go through them as we sit down together and cut them out, picking them out at random.

    1. The questions prompt conversations that remind me of the deep, meandering conversations we’d have when we were first dating!

      1. When we were dating we would talk until ridiculous times like 2am, even when we had work or university the next day. The problem was that we were having these amazing conversations and we didn’t want to have to leave each other to go home. What we discovered when we got married, was that we actually got more sleep because we got to spend all night in each others arms and could talk during breakfast as well. Everyone would tease us about getting less sleep, but we got more, even with sex added in!

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