Sex in Space Sounds Hard

Sex in Space Sounds Hard 1

Have you ever wanted to have sex in space? This in-depth analysis makes space-sex sound like a lot of work.

“Even the lightest touch can make it difficult to stay in contact if both persons are not properly anchored.

“The astronauts would need to brace themselves against the space station, and even each other.

“A shared sleeping bag, or similar, would perhaps be the most useful.”

Or velcro-covered suits with strategically-placed openings?

Sex in Space Sounds Hard 2


“Because of the micro-gravity environment sweat and tears don’t run down the astronaut’s bodies like it does hear on Earth, instead it pools like small ponds of fluid near where it was secreted.

“If the motion is vigorous enough it could be ejected from the surface of the body.

“That seems decidedly un-romantic while also possibly bringing challenges to physical movements.”

However, the academic believes that despite the difficulties a couple “could certainly become aroused and reach climax in space. “

There was a report several years ago that NASA had performed space-sex “experiments”, but it turned out to be a hoax.

In his book The Last Mission, French author Pierre Kohler claimed that NASA had commissioned a study on sexual positions in outer space. He cited a fictional document, widely available online, that describes subjects experimenting with 10 different positions, six of which required an elastic band or sleeping-baglike tube to keep the couple together in zero gravity.

I haven’t been able to find the “widely available” document, but if anyone sees it please post a link in the comments! In the meantime, scientists can only speculate:

He said: “Any mechanism that would help keep the bodies of the couple pressed together, like a sleeping bag anchored to the wall, would help facilitate intercourse. “In that situation – a couple in a sleeping bag – the natural positions would either be missionary – face-to-face – or in a spooning position. “So, I would guess that either of those positions would be the most likely to succeed.

Where would you most want to have sex if you could get away with it? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I have always had a fantasy of doing it in back of a van, while it’s going down the interstate, to be on the safe side DARK tinted windows…..

  2. Would like to join the mile high club! Wife has given me a handjob on a plane but not to completion. It’s fun to mess around on a plane but I heard you can get in trouble if you both go in the lavatory.

    1. On a plane sounds fun, but it would seem very disrespectful to the other people around you who had to witness/wonder, unless the flight was very empty.

  3. My wife gave me a handjob under some covers on a plane (not to completion just for fun) and I’ve wanted to join the mile high club but she’s afraid we would get into trouble. Sounds like fun to me though!

  4. Two of my favorite things in this post, space travel and sex. :-)

    With the coming rise of space tourism due to vehicles like Blue Origin’s New Shepard capsule ( I have no doubt some enterprising couple will book a solo flight to become the first members of the 62 mile high club.

    Farther into the future as more and more people start living and working in space they will figure out how to properly “do the deed”. Honestly the major issue is microgravity which can be avoided if you spin your spacecraft (like the Endurance in “Interstellar”) or just wait until you get to the moon or Mars.

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