Car Sex

Car Sex 1

Let’s face it: it’s difficult and awkward to have sex in the car. Sexy Corte and I don’t do it very often, but when we have it has been quite memorable. Several months ago we dropped our kids off with a friend for a quick “date night” to grab some ice cream for an hour, and we ended up making love in the car on a dead-end spur off a major road near our house. Every time we drive past the road it makes us laugh and turns us on.

So car sex can be difficult, but it’s worth it! Here are some tips:

  1. Keep some lube and wipes in the car. The best thing about lube is that it lets you be more spontaneous and a little quicker… although doing it in a semi-public place gets Sexy Corte pretty wet anyway. Baby wipes are handy for clean-up.
  2. A skirt or dress makes sex in the car a lot more convenient. Skirts and dresses are great for spontaneous quickies in any circumstance, but one of the most awkward parts of car sex is getting your clothes out of the way. A skirt or dress minimizes this problem.
  3. Putting your wife on top is one of the easiest car sex positions available. You can sit in a seat, slide your butt out a little, and then your wife can straddle you pretty easily, forwards or backwards. This position will let you play with her clit while she rides you and should be fun for everyone.
  4. The lean-over blow job is one of the best car sex positions. The name describes it all: your wife simply leans over into your lap and sucks you off. I don’t recommend doing this while you’re driving, but… we have, and it was pretty awesome. But don’t do it, it’s dangerous.
  5. Go to the back. If you have a van or SUV then you’ve got plenty of space to try just about any position imaginable. If your car is smaller, you may struggle to get into missionary position in the back seat, but you’ll have better luck with doggie-style.

Tell us about a time and place you’ve done it in your car!  Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. We often have sex in the car as in I am reaching into her top and playin with her nipples then keep going lower. She gets really wet and the one thing about foreplay while traveling is you have hours and hours sometimes can do it and are both in and more or less relaxed position it is it wonderful distraction tedious and long hours of driving. She has had some amazing orgasms while I was driving with one hand and I had the other one between her legs playing with her luscious pussy. If she wear if she wears a skimpy dress without underwear this works best. By the time I’m done giving her several good orgasms I am about as hot as I can stand it so we usually pull over and I kneel in front of her on the seat and she can have another one or two. That is if we are alone and we sometimes had several kids sleeping in the back! You have to understand that she does not particular share for nipples stimulation but it still works to get her wet and ready for clit stimulation

    1. Haha that sounds great, but seems like it could be distracting while you’re driving. We need self-driving cars ASAP.

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