Sex and Oxytocin Help You Stay Slim and Happy

Sex and Oxytocin Help You Stay Slim and Happy 1

If you need yet another sciencey reason to have more sex consider this: sex releases oxytocin, and oxytocin helps keep you slim.

Forget eating salad and pounding on the treadmill – regular sex can help dieters keep slim.

On top of burning around 100 calories an hour, it also triggers the release of a hormone which may stop us overeating, new research suggests.

Oxytocin, dubbed the love or cuddle hormone, is released after sex to induce feelings of trust and affection, bonding couples together.

‘Oxytocin enhances prosocial and related behaviors. Increases in oxytocin tend to decrease appetite – especially the consumption of sweet carbohydrates,’ she said.

And that’s not all! Not only does your body produce its own oxytocin when you have sex, but wives also absorb oxytocin from their husbands’ semen — improving their health and mood.

Vaginal tissue is very absorptive. It’s richly endowed with blood and lymph vessels. Given vaginal absorptiveness and all the mood-elevating compounds in found in semen, Gallup, Burch, and SUNY colleague Steven Platek wondered if semen exposure might be associated with better mood and less depression. They surveyed 293 college women at SUNY Albany about intercourse with and without condoms, and then gave the women the Beck Depression Inventory, a standard test of mood. Compared with women who “always” or “usually” used condoms, those who “never” did, whose vaginas were exposed to semen, showed significantly better mood–fewer depressive symptoms, and less bouts of depression. In addition, compared to women who had no intercourse at all, the semen-exposed women showed more elevated mood and less depression.

So next time you’re feeling down or craving something sweet, grab your spouse instead of a treat!

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  1. Very interesting.This might serve well as an appendix to your “Yes, you should swallow” posting. On the other hand, I can see it coming—-university student health centers sending out the message that there is now scientific evidence for the mental health benefits of young women having sex and, even more, young women having sex without condoms (and/or “swallowing”)! We just need a catchy phrase for all the posters around campus! Any ideas?

    Note as well that the SUNY research design probably did not fully control for “selection effects”. There may be mental health/mood differences, on average, between the three groups of women that were compared: Women who had sex with no condom, women who had sex with a condom, and women who did not have sex. If there were pre-existing mood or depressive symptoms among the women who selected themselves into each of the three research conditions then the results of absorbing semen may (in part at least) actually be due to the women, not their sexual practices.

    1. All very good points! Women with better relationships might be more likely to report a good mood AND to have sex without a condom.

  2. Science has revealed that a man’s semen is not only nutritious (for a female) but having essential health components that include cancer inhibitors and anti-depressants and pain releavers (see: Sex and Oxytocin Help You Stay Slim and Happy
    It is known that taking antibiotics interferes with the way birth control effects a woman’s body so taking antibiotics and birth control (chemicals) and having vaginal sex can still result in pregnancy intended or not.
    Also on the same subject, animals today are being heavily dosed with antibiotics to maximize their productivity and weight gain for monetary purposes. This can also interfere with the way birth control chemistry works just by eating these meats.
    So, if a woman that is aware of the value of the health-giving properties like GOD’s designed natural supplement for the female i.e. semen, then she should take steps to ensure she reap the full benefits of her harvest, eat meat and not want to get pregnant than orally absorbing your mate’s semen is the ideal.
    To do this for its full value semen should be held within a woman’s mouth to allow as much of the chemical components to absorbed within the mouth’s lining ( see: and Once the semen is within the stomach the stomach’s acid dissolves much of it and many benefits are lost.

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