New Mother Has Three-Week-Long Orgasm

New Mother Has Three-Week-Long Orgasm 1

I’m a bit skeptical, but new mother Emily Street says that she had a three-week-long orgasm after giving birth to her fourth child.

Emily even likens her astonishing “euphoria” during childbirth to the intense hormones generated through orgasm — which lasted for three weeks.

Emily, who has three other children — Ernie, 7, Roo, 5, and 3-year-old Pip — added: “The euphoria that I felt after the births was very, very close to an orgasm sensation, which lasted for three or four weeks as opposed to something that’s very intense for a short amount of time.

“From my point of view, I’m happy with that.”

Or maybe it was just “very, very” much like an orgasm! Anyway, I’m not sure how to apply this in your marriage. It seems like a three-week-long orgasm would be exhausting and troublesome, but Mrs. Street seems pleased.

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  1. It’s not a physical orgasm, she’s just experienced the happiness from the hormones. When in labour your hormones are very high and she’s had that stick with her for a while, longer than most women. I get that same feeling immediately after birth, just the happiness and almost like being on a high I guess. It only lasts for about 6 hours. It’s not like a physical orgasm, I don’t feel that great down below!
    Interestingly, women can actually have an orgasmic birth, where instead of having painful contractions, they have orgasmic contractions. These are proper physical orgasms, and when you look into it it’s using all the same muscles and it kind of makes sense. I’ve often thought that perhaps that was the plan for childbirth all along until Eve ate that fruit and got cursed with pain in child bearing. People get weirded out about that, because they think that orgasms have to be sexual so can’t be associated with having children. It makes sense to me that the way a kid got in there is the same way they got out.

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