Maximizing Semen Enjoyment

Maximizing Semen Enjoyment 1

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This probably strikes most wives as a strange topic, but maximizing the quantity of our semen is often a matter of pride and fun for men. What’s the deal?

More semen symbolically means more of all these things. In addition to the power of semen as a symbol, more semen can also have some some physical significance. Here are some facts.

  • Most men ejaculate about 5 milliliters of semen at a time. That’s about a teaspoon. Of course, there’s wide variation among men.
  • Semen and sperm are different. Semen contains sperm, but it also includes a host of healthy ingredients.
  • Semen quantity and sperm quantity are related, so more semen generally means more total sperm ejaculated; this can increase your chance of conception.
  • More semen often means that the man had a longer orgasm, which is certainly an indirect benefit.
  • As with most things in life, heredity plays a huge role in the quantity of a man’s semen.
  • Pills and supplements are extremely unlikely to affect the quantity of your semen. Save your money.

There are a few things a man can do to maximize the quantity and quality of his semen. I say maximize rather than increase because a man can move towards the top of his natural range, but he can’t change his physiology. So what can a man do?

  • Hydration. Semen is mostly water, so make sure you’re drinking enough. Unless you’re dehydrated though, drinking more water probably won’t increase your semen volume.
  • Edging. Here’s our big post about edging, but the idea is simple: long-duration stimulation that gets you to the edge of orgasm. The longer and more intense the stimulation, the more semen will be locked and loaded.
  • Excercise your pubococcygeus muscleWomen do Kegel exercises to improve their orgasms, and men can do them too. Strengthening your pelvic floor will improve your orgasms and give you more control over when you orgasm. (Make sure you practice contractions and extensions.)
  • Maintain your fitness. Exercise improves circulation, and improved circulation will improve the strength of your erection and orgasm. (Not to mention all the other health benefits of lifting.)
  • Reduce ejaculation frequency. As you’ve probably noticed, there’s more semen when you haven’t ejaculated for a couple of days — but is that a price you’re willing to pay? I’d rather have more sex with my wife than less sex with more semen per orgasm. However, increased semen volume can be a pleasant benefit when you come back together after being separated for a couple of days. It seems that a man builds up his maximum amount of semen in two to three days, so there’s no benefit to waiting longer than that.
  • Make it look like more. Since the desire for more semen is mostly about the symbolism, increase the power of the symbol by making your semen look like more. Spread your semen around when you ejaculate. See if your wife is open to you shooting it on her face, breasts, or stomach. When you ejaculate in her vagina, take a look before she cleans up. When you ejaculate in her mouth, ask her to show it to you before she swallows.
  • Enjoy what you’ve got. Talk about your semen with your wife. Before sex, tell her that you can’t wait to come inside her. Tell your wife you’d love her to beg for your come during sex or a blow job. After sex, savor the view of your semen on your wife, in her vagina, or in her mouth. Touch it, rub it around, taste it. Later, tell her how hot it is to you that your semen is still inside her or leaking into her panties. Wives: tell your husband that you love his semen, that it tastes amazing, that you want it all over your body, that you need it inside you. Make a show of enjoying your husband’s semen after he ejaculates. Revel in his power and masculinity!

So, husbands and wives, what do you think? Do you have any tips to share? Anything kinky we need to try?

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  1. A man’s sperm is his gift to his wife and she should learn to eat it each and every time he ejaculates. Show him his sperm when it’s in your mouth! Kiss him with his cum in your mouth! Share his cum with him after you suck him off. Sperm is sacred and is to be loved by both husband and wife

    1. I absolutely agree. Sharing my semen is the most intimate act we can do with each other. We both love the taste and texture, and would never consider wasting a drop.

  2. “Wives: tell your husband that you love his semen, . . . . Make a show of enjoying your husband’s semen after he ejaculates. Revel in his power and masculinity!”

    Yes, this is very reaffirming and emotionally gratifying for a husband when his wife shows her appreciation of his semen. This is good advice for wives.
    Larry Z B recently posted…so much blather about gender roles in marriageMy Profile

    1. Can’t agree more…men love to see their wives with their love juice dripping down their cheek and chin while continuing their sucking. It is the BEST give to give to the husband especially when the wife is enthused about it.

      1. For real! The wife’s enthusiasm has EVERYTHING to do with her giving great blowjobs. And wives who make a point to let a man know that she is a cum swallower and quite proud of it!
        Thanks for letting me talk about women and cum :)

  3. I wish my husband was more into this. I love for him to come inside of me. I love the way it feels. He’s not that interested in it and would rather come on my butt, which I don’t mind. He’s also not into dirty talk. If I try to say things like that during sex he makes jokes about it later.

    1. Have you told him how you feel about these things? I know it can be embarrassing to talk about sex very directly, but if you don’t he may not know how you feel!

      1. Man I wish that was my wife! She has been giving me blowjobs for almost 20 years and has never let me cum in her mouth… not sure why she won’t. I’ve told her “how much of a man” she makes me feel like when she blows me. I can only imagine what it would feel like to go all the way in her mouth. I even asked her to read this article!

        EL FURY WHAT DO I DO? We are happily married and she’s the only woman I’ve ever been with. Sex has actually gotten better through the years, I wish this would happen!


        1. Steve, you sound exactly like me in my marriage. We have a great sex life and do lots of adventurous things, but one thing that she has told me straight-up she does not want to do is take my cum in her mouth (let alone swallow it!). Although I’m not DYING to cum in her mouth, I do think it would be highly erotic and sexy so would not mind at all to try it.
          She is also not too fond of getting cum on her body. When she gives me a blowjob or handjob, she usually tries to catch it in her hand. But she doesn’t want it on other parts of her body. That’s actually something that I’d be more interested in doing – coming on her breasts or pulling out from behind and coming on her bottom/back. I’m sure she’d let me do it if I pressure her, but probably reluctantly. I’d like it to be an experience that she really desires. But that is something that I can’t do for her of course (change her desire).
          Overall, I’d love to see her learn to enjoy and even LOVE my semen (vs, rushing to wash it off of her hands as soon as we’re done)

  4. My wife regularly performs oral sex on me, but has never taken it all the way to orgasm. She recently has said that she is not opposed to doing this, and I hope to incorporate this into one of our encounters soon. My question (mostly directed to the women), is there anything I can do to make the taste more enjoyable for her? I hear pineapple, and cinnamon are good, while things like asparagus and onion can be bad. Any others you’ve found that work? Also, how far in advance to “prep” with the eating habits? 2-3 days?

    1. It’s too bad semen doesn’t taste like chocolate syrup, huh?

      I’ve read that eating fruit and staying away from red meat and allium plants (like onion and garlic) can help somewhat. To be honest though, she’s either going to work at developing a taste for it or not… I don’t think you can change the flavor that much. Like some other things (e.g., coffee), semen is an acquired taste, and she can acquire it if she wants to.

      1. El fury hold up. Vaginal fluid dont taste like strawberry neither. In fact it has a worse taste than semen, especially at times of the month. If a guy puts his mouth on her fluid then she should not have a trouble swallowing him. If a guy eats clean he’s got a far more neutral taste than vag fluid.

  5. The fact of the matter is that both men and women get aroused by seeing a man’s cock ejaculating thick gooey white spurts of semen into a woman’s mouth. I know that i get very turned on by the idea of my wife eating my sperm whenever she gives me blowjobs.

    I am wondering if there are other Christian men out there who admit to having a cum fetish; both seeing it and eating it?

    My wife knows that I fantasize about blowjobs and cum (we don’t talk about it but she knows) So she will usually kiss me after I cum in her mouth and our tongues are playing in the warm flood of semen I shot into her mouth. I love that!!!

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