Autumn Time-Change Sex

Autumn Time-Change Sex 1

I suppose we should have posted this last week for maximum impact, but the return to Standard Time each Autumn is a great opportunity to plan some morning sex! Since you gain an hour of sleep Saturday night you’re likely to wake up early Sunday morning anyway. Prepare yourselves for the morning by sleeping naked and locking your door to prevent early-rising children from spoiling your fun.

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  1. So I rolled my eyes when I first saw this because my kids don’t change times for weeks because they’re so young, and they were destroying us this week. But then, somehow the stars aligned and they were all quiet/well behaved, the youngest decided to go back to sleep after the morning bottle, and DW got an awesome rest last night…leading to our first morning “romp” in a long time (I’d say 2.5 yr, though we had a morning quickie last summer). Wasn’t long enough (or worry-free enough) for her to use the vibe and go for an O, but still a lot of fun. Amazingly focused and productive at work today too!

    One thing to note with this fall time change–sunrise is now early enough that the natural-lighting visuals are outstanding! I looked it up for Hartville MO (the mean center of population in the US), and sunrise for Nov 8 is the same time as sunrise for Sept 4, so it’s an approximate 2-month jump in sunrise time. Made sure to get some side-of-the-bed action to enjoy the visual with the awesome lighting!

    1. Congrats on the morning romp :) It can be hard for Sexy Corte to have an orgasm in the morning also because she’s always afraid the kids are just about to wake up!

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