Women’s Bodies “Might Be the Most Interesting Thing in the World”

Women's Bodies "Might Be the Most Interesting Thing in the World" 1

Ann Althouse makes a powerful claim that isn’t obviously false: women’s bodies “might be the most interesting thing in the world”. The larger context of her post isn’t that relevant to us — paparazzi photographing celebrities — so let’s focus on the quoted claim.

Althouse is responding to a Scaachi Koul in Buzzfeed who says that:

The truth about Eilish’s body in those paparazzi photos — the truth about most women and their bodies — is really boring: It’s just a body, and you get the one you get.

Althouse writes:

… I’ll say that women’s bodies are not boring. They might be the most interesting thing in the world. Stop trying to tell people to be bored and dulled by the sight of human bodies. The message should be about etiquette — how to act around women’s bodies, how to speak in a way that brings credit to you and gets you more of what you’d love in this world. Etiquette… and love! Isn’t that what you want more of?

When I first read this paragraph it stuck me as hyperbole, but is it? Let’s stipulate that the phrase “in the world” excludes God and a few other very interesting things. With that understanding, what’s more interesting than the human female body?

First of all, the human body (male or female) is extremely interesting, both to us and to God.

  • Humans are made in God’s image.
  • Humans can differentiate between good and evil.
  • Humans can choose their course of action.
  • Humans can be responsible for their choices.
  • Humans can speak.
  • Humans can create and use tools.
  • Humans can stand upright and throw.
  • Humans can create art and music.
  • Humans can think and reason using abstract symbols.
  • Humans can build social and physical structures.
  • Humans can tell stories.
  • Humans can contemplate their place in the universe.
  • Humans know that they’re mortal.

I’d argue that the qualities and capabilities listed above are enough to substantiate the belief that humans are “the most interesting thing in the world”.

But wait! In addition to everything above, the female human body can do several things that the male cannot. The story of God creating woman out of man aligns with the idea that God wanted to keep all the good stuff while adding a few extra features to her.

  • Human females can gestate a human baby.
  • Human females can nurse a human baby.
  • Human females can have multiple orgasms.
  • Human females can get aroused in public without visibility.

Finally, I can’t think of anything a male body can do that a female can’t. The male body exceeds the female body in some areas, like strength and size, but those are quantitative differences, not qualitative. You might say that the male body can impregnate the female, but I’d argue that’s equivalent to the female body’s contribution to conception; gestation is wholly different and the male body has no equivalent.

So it seems to me that Althouse’s claim is reasonable: despite being relatively common, women’s bodies are the most interesting thing in the world. No wonder we see them depicted everywhere.

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  1. Both male and female bodies are the most interesting in the world. Is this another feminist page? Both bodies have differences in making it interesting as men and women are different. You should refrain from diminishing men. The modern world does not need more of that. Fyi men can have multiple orgasms too. God’s creation is equally interesting designed to complement one another.

  2. The human body is a remarkable example of beauty and engineering.

    It is really sad to me that so many women have issues with body image and feeling attractive (thanks in no small part to insanely unrealistic cultural depictions of “the perfect female body”)

    Growing up I found a wide variety of my female peers to be physically attractive. Some were tall, some were short. Some wore large dress sizes, some wore small. Some had large breasts, some small. Many were in between these categories. All of them were uniquely beautiful. Yet a lot of them seemed to feel unattractive.

    Sexually the female body is a work of art and loving design. The clitoris is an amazing organ. The existence of the clitoris puts an end to the insane notion that sex is only for the man. A woman’s body is designed by God to pursue and recieve sexual pleasure from her husband.

    It is also really awe inspiring how the female body is designed to give pleasure. As a man I have experienced no greater pleasure than sex with my wife.

    A wife’s visual beauty to her husband is arousing and inviting, the feel of her in a husband’s arms brings warmth and belonging. Her kiss and the touch of her breasts is electric. The union of intercourse brings an indescribable feeling of connectedness. Watching the woman you love experience sexual pleasure and ultimately orgasm is beyond compare. The primal urge to thrust passionately into her is an expression of intense desire that brings untold levels of delight. Finally the resolution of ejaculation brings a feeling of contentment, love, joy, and connectness that I have never experienced anywhere else.

    The multi-functional nature of the female body is also amazing. The same breasts that bring sexual pleasure have the ability to nourish a child. The same vagina that welcomes the penis into the bliss of sexual union is also the avenue for a child to come into the world.

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