Leave a Comment and Share Your Recent New Sexual Experiences

Leave a Comment and Share Your Recent New Sexual Experiences 1

We love to hear from readers who have recently expanded or enhanced their sex life with their spouse — especially if our blog was a catalyst for the new experience! But whether it’s because of us or not, please leave a comment below telling about a new sexual experience or accomplishment you’ve had. Here are three examples.

K and her husband tried New Faithful:

We finally tried this and it was incredible! You are spot on any the feedback loop- we both got super aroused in record time. Will definitely become one of our go tos. Thank you!!

El Fury
Awesome, glad to hear it. Did you finish this way or just use it for foreplay?

Both! Helps that I started swallowing with your encouragement :p

Eric and his wife played Sexy Adult Jenga:

We just used your Jenga game rules last night. We had a great time! Thank you for the ideas!! Keep up the good work.

James writes that his wife has started asking permission to orgasm:

My wife just started this and I think it is great. She has always been fairly vanilla but has done this the past few weeks.

As for me and Sexy Corte, we’ve been trying two new things recently that we will write about eventually:

  1. Sexy Corte has been training herself to reach orgasm in positions other than wife-on-top.
  2. We’ve been experimenting with a little anal play.

Please share your new experiences or accomplishments in the comment section. We’d love to create a podcast episode on this topic!

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  1. My wife and I have recently discovered that her O’s are more pleasurable if she is in a certain position. I’ll sit down and she will kneel facing me with her legs outside mine. I then stimulate her clitoris manually (as she doesn’t O during intercourse) until she O’s.

    We’re not exactly sure why this certain position produces a more satisfying O for her. My theory is that it allows extra leverage, more freedom of movement, and a better ability to hang onto me when she goes into her beautiful “spasms”.

    1. Thanks for sharing. We’ve found that SC’s orgasms are better when she can squeeze her legs on me, so maybe that’s true for your wife also.

  2. We played the first two stages of Jay Dee’s Truth or Dare game ( https://www.uncoveringintimacy.com/truth-or-dare/ ) as part of our warmup on night. Only 4 cards per spouse per round, and didn’t do any of Stage 3 (wife uncomfortable with that right now). Ended up in a fantastic session that honestly was our first “gourmet sex” in years.

    Also, the next day we pulled out the two vibrators we bought last month and tested them out on our hands/arms/etc. These are our first toys ever. Hoping to report back actually trying them sexually sometime soon.

    I realize to many these may be baby steps, but they’re huge for us, especially my beautiful wife! And while not the sole product of this blog, the whole Christian Sex blogosphere helped us get there.


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