How Do You Feel Immediately After Sex?

How Do You Feel Immediately After Sex? 1

I thought this would be a fun discussion topic for a Friday: a new study is investigating how people feel immediately after sexual activity.

“There are a wide range of responses in the period of time immediately following consensual sexual activity, known as the resolution phase,” says Robert Schweitzer, a psychologist leading the research team at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

“For example, some people like to cuddle, others like to be alone and there are others, as we have found in previous research that experience what is described as post-sex blues.”

So how do you feel immediately after sex? What do you do? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I feel satisfied, relaxed and sleepy. I like to take a nap in the arms of my wife for a few minutes. If it is in the morning or afternoon, I then wake and like to chat. If it is at night, I like to go to sleep with my wife holding on to me.

  2. My wife and I are very different; for me I feel completed and anxious to get going to the next thing, whether dinner or bed or whatever else. She needs time and wants to revel in it a while, but it just feels more awkward as time goes on.

  3. We usually laugh at the awkwardness of our post-orgasm state for a minute, chat for a few seconds about the encounter, and then we are very eager to hop in the shower and move on with the day/night. After that, usually when we go to bed, is when we cuddle. I personally can’t imagine cuddling much immediately after…just too messy!

  4. I feel connected to my wife in a way that I never feel otherwise. I’m content. I have a clear head and feel very deeply in love with my wife. Any frustrations that I had from work, family, or home life is gone. I always want to hold my wife and snuggle into her after sex also.

  5. All my frustrations and worries are gone. I feel good. My mind is clear and I have a sense of clarity that I have no other time. I have a connectedness to my wife and want to stay close to her. None of my physical aches can be felt. There is a peace within my soul that is quiet and deep. I don’t have any yearnings or wants. I am deeply and completely satisfied. I have found no other action or act that gives me all these things.

  6. Immediately after sex I have a feeling of being satiated and complete. I often have a fit of joyful laughter after finishing, accompanied by a twinge of regret that sex is over. Like other commenters said, I think more clearly than at any other time and I have a hankering for some food (the post-coital snack). I do like to take some time to cuddle with my wife and allow the feeling of closeness to continue.

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