1. I see that at some point the meme was modified. The original one was wrong in that “in” was fully spelled, meaning the proper answer could NOT be “Luck Be In The Air Tonight”, since there is an ‘i’ in both “Air” and “Tonight”.

  2. When will you guys update your podcast? The only episodes are from 2019 which are Season 1. I love your podcast and have gleaned so much from it! Thank you for all that y’all do to get truth out there for married people and the way God designed sex in marriage!

    1. Hey, thanks for the feedback. We’d like to do more podcast episodes, and there isn’t any specific reason we haven’t done so for a while. Thanks for the motivation :)

  3. Hahaha! As hilarious as this is, it’s also genuinely encouraging and self-validating to see that there are some other Christians who aren’t only not naive or indignant about sexual topics, but who really do find the subject of sex *fun*.

    Thank you very much for what you two do here. I hope to show this site to my future wife, one day.

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