Come Brag About Your Holiday Sex

Come Brag About Your Holiday Sex 1

We hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year! The holiday season is often stressful, but did you know that it’s also the catalyst for a yearly September baby boom?

It’s often wryly observed that birth rates peak in September, with many studies citing seasonal changes in human biology to explain this post-holiday “baby boom.” But new research from scientists at Indiana University and the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in Portugal finds that spikes in pregnancies are actually rooted in society, not biology.

“We observe that Christmas and Eid-Al-Fitr are characterized by distinct collective moods that correlate with increased fertility,” Rocha said. “Perhaps people feel a greater motivation to grow their families during holidays when the emphasis is on love and gift-giving to children. The Christmas season is also associated with stories about the baby Jesus and holy family, which may put people in a loving, happy, ‘family mood.'”

Sexy Corte and I have been on a roll this holiday season — I hate to brag, but during vacation we had sex seven times in 72 hours! She actually had to beg off from having another orgasm because her legs were getting sore. (Ok, so maybe I like to brag a little.) We’re not having any more babies, but being in close proximity for days at a time still seems to rev our engines. (It’s also worth noting that we had a pretty good fight, too — which is also pretty common for couples over the holidays)

I’m sure we weren’t the only ones having great sex over the holidays — what about you? Any sexual accomplishments you’d like to brag about? You can’t share with your “real friends”, but you can share with your pseudonymous internet buddies!

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  1. I’ve got stop reading your stuff! Our sex life shut down over the holidays because of a fight over sex. I’ve been trying to lead our marriage in a direction toward what you two advocate, but she is not interested. But I’m really happy for you two and love your ministry.
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    1. You know, we got in a big fight too! I think that’s pretty common in such a stressful time. Learning how to get over fights quickly is a skill we’re still working on.

  2. If I were only young again like you guys. I think I could make love like that back then, if we were only encouraged to do so. That much sex was not encouraged in my day. Different sexual frequency among husband and wife was not seen as a problem. Everyone just went along with what the wife wanted. Wives were told to keep their husbands at bay.

    Today, you encourage sex every day, different positions, lots of adventures, having fun sexually, etc. I wish you were around when my wife and I were married. But we are getting better all the time. We have sex most every day. I could still do it 3 times a day, if my wife were willing.

  3. While I was off for 11 days over the holidays, we had sex almost daily and it was great!. Great website! Keep up the good work!

  4. My husband gave me an orgasm in like two minutes. He’s becoming quite talented. Practice makes perfect! Otherwise we vegged out and watched too much Netflix over the holidays. We just really needed rest!!!

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