Best Christian Sex Links of the Week

Best Christian Sex Links of the Week 1

Some of the links we’ve most enjoyed over the past week:

Delight Your Marriage has started a podcast; try this one: “How Being Happy Saved Her Marriage” (via HHH).

Why Men Avoid Counselling — I think some men may connect better with a female counselor; the biggest hesitation is that a man might feel like he’s walking into an ambush.

Toss Your Score Card, Liver Generously — good policy for all areas of life.

What If Gatekeepers Are Victims? — as a father with daughters, it’s hard to deliver just the right message: you should vigilantly abstain while you are single, and then do it like bunnies when you get married.

What If the Batteries Died? A Sex Toy Story — don’t let toys dominate your intimacy with your spouse. Also, keep spare batteries handy.

3 Simple Ways to Create a More Intimate Bedroom – we wrote about this in our two-part series about making your master bedroom your sex room.

The Fantasy Box — Looks fun, especially if it’s a different experience every month. Hey, where’s our free review copy?

The Happy Couple’s Guide To Marriage (And Sex) After A Baby

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