Best Christian Sex Links of the Week

Best Christian Sex Links of the Week 1

Hey there, it’s been a while! Time for some awesome sex links. We’ve got some catching up to do!

The ONE Tip That Will Make Sex Feel Great!

When you’re making love, simply ask yourself these two questions:

What feels good right now?


Where do I want to be touched right now?

What Does He Really Want Sexually? — Don’t ask if you don’t want to know. It’s hard to share what you really want.

Slow Side by Side Sex — A relaxing position.

Why are men obsessed with breasts? — Because they’re awesome? Also some survey results about rough sex.

Don’t have sex in the dark — Watching your spouse orgasm is amazing. Maintain eye contact.

“My Husband Can’t Make Me Submit to Him or Respect Him!” — Husbandly love and wifely submission are not optional, they are commanded by God.

10 Foam Roller Exercercises To Relieve Muscle Soreness And Better Sex — Shoot, we just threw our foam roller away!

Sleeping Naked: 5 Amazing Reasons It’s Good For Your Health — We used to do better with this… but kids.

When Bad Language is a Turn On During Sex. Is This Okay? — Yes.

Can Sex Be Used as Comfort? Yes, But… — Good post. Do you and your spouse use sex to comfort each other? I don’t think Sexy Corte and I do, but maybe we could try?

What a quickie taught us about sexual intimacy. — “He told me what he wanted: a good orgasm that happened as soon as possible.”

Sometimes, Your Husband Needs a Girlfriend — Remember how we acted when we were dating?

That’s it for now! If you’ve got a link you want to share please post it in the comments.

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      1. You’re welcome.

        Agreed. I love the skin-on-skin contact. It’s very sexy and intimate.

        We have 5 kids so our naked time has been somewhat limited for several years. Now that our youngest is 20, we get more privacy and I love taking advantage of it.

    1. Thanks for your post! Men are so visual and obviously we enjoy looking, but I also think the wife misses out if she isn’t looked at.

  1. Me & wife eat, lick and swallow our lovemaking juices all the time. Sometimes I may not have the energy to ear her right after I’ve cum in her, so we may relax and lay there and talk for 30 to 40min. Then I go down on her. I love to cleanup our mess. We believe if 2 people are married and it’s not painful, and no one else is involved anything goes. Even toy play.

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