Merry Christmas! 1

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

No matter how “complex” your family or marriage are, remember that if you search the Bible there aren’t many perfect families or perfect marriages. Jesus was born into a step-family by God’s design. God is always at work all around us, and he invites us to join him in his work. We encourage you to express your gratitude to God for your spouse, to pray for your own spiritual (and sexual) growth, and to enjoy the holidays with your family.

(Also, get some sexier stockings.)

Welcome to Married Christian Sex! 4

Welcome to Married Christian Sex!  We are your hosts, El Fury and Sexy Corte.  We’re glad you’re here, and we hope that our posts can help you have amazing sex with your spouse.

We’re sure we can learn from you too, so don’t hold back!  This site is not intended to be safe-for-work or safe-for-kids.

We’re preparing some of the first posts for our site right now, so stay tuned.