The Peak of Eve’s Sexuality in Paradise Lost

The Peak of Eve's Sexuality in Paradise Lost 1

According to John Milton, the peak of innocent feminine sexuality is to serve food naked. From Paradise Lost Book V we read about Eve preparing a meal and serving it to Adam and the visiting angel Raphael.

… Mean while at table
Eve Ministered naked, and their flowing cups
With pleasant liquours crowned: O innocence
Deserving Paradise! if ever, then,
Then had the sons of God excuse to have been
Enamoured at that sight; but in those hearts
Love unlibidinous reigned, nor jealousy
Was understood, the injured lover’s hell.

Milton says that if anything could have tempted the sons of God (angels) into lust it would have been the sight of Eve preparing and serving food naked. Fortunately Raphael’s love was unlibidinous (non-sexual) and Adam had no understanding of jealousy.

This passage amused me and Sexy Corte because this is exactly what she does every year for my birthday! After the kids are asleep upstairs, my wonderful wife cooks me dinner wearing nothing by an apron while I watch and enjoy her beauty. I might help with the preparations a little, but my help is mostly an excuse to touch Sexy Corte’s naked body. In between courses of food she serves me dessert several times. It’s one of my favorite nights of the year!

(Read more about Adam and Eve’s sexuality in Paradise Lost.)


  1. I’ve worn only an apron for my husband when the kids were away from home for an evening. It’s fun and a different intro into more serious fun. I say “for him” but it’s every bit as much for me. I love his hands stroking my body every bit as much as he tells me he loves it.

  2. What a lovely tradition and it’s so lovely to hear that you both enjoy it.
    I bet you really look forward to you birthday El Fury.

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