Grab Your Wife By the Hips 1

Your wife’s hips are awesome — beautiful and functional! Sure, there’s the whole having-a-baby thing, but they’re important for making babies too. I’m sure you’re familiar with their aesthetic value, but did you know that your wife’s hips are basically handles for her lady bits? Hips are super-sexy not just because they look great, but also because when a woman yields control of her hips she’s submitting her whole body to you. Nothing says “do me!” like when her hips melt into you.

  • Hips are awesome for turning a peck into a make-out session. When you want a deeper kiss you don’t grab her lips, you pull her hips up against yours and let her feel your arousal.
  • You can grab her hips to pull your wife into your lap. Or over your lap, if she needs a spanking.
  • When you hug her from behind, hold her around the hips — this can be much more erotic than a hug around the stomach, and it’s less obvious in public than if you grab her breasts!

Use your wife’s hips to direct her movements in almost any sexual position.

  • Doggie style is the most obvious, as you can use her hips to pull yourself deeper.
  • In missionary position you can use your thighs to change the angle of her hips. For the most control you want to angle her hips back so that her legs can go up in the air.
  • When she’s on top you can hold her hips and use your hands to guide her rhythm, as well as the style of motion (up-and-down, rolling, etc.). Use your hands to slow her down if you’re trying to delay orgasm.
  • Hip positioning is pretty critical for most positions, and your wife will probably appreciate it if you guide her to the right spot rather than making her guess.

Hips are awesome, so grab on!